Laser nail fungus treatment

Laser nail fungus treatment


Onychomycosis is an unpleasant infection that changes the appearance and texture of the nail and is difficult to treat. The fungus can cause thickening of the nail, color changes, and an unpleasant odor. When infected, the pathogen destroys the nail bed forming foci of localization under the nail plate. This makes it difficult to fight onychomycosis because the direct access to the fungus is limited.

Until recently, treatment options for onychomycosis were limited to topical creams, special antifungal nail polishes and oral medications. But the latest advances in medical technology allow new and effective therapies to be developed and used. MCC Excellence provides laser treatment of fungal nails Kiev (laser Leek Surgery). The treatment of fungus nails Kiev with a laser is a successfully proven method of combating onychomycosis.

The features of the treatment of toenail fungus by laser:

- Before starting the treatment, it is recommended to take a fungus test to confirm the presence of infection and establish the type of the pathogen.

- To ensure maximum penetration of laser energy, the nail plate is treated by a specialist podologist before the first onychomycosis laser treatment procedure.

- The laser beam penetrates through the nail to the nail bed where the fungus is present. Under the influence of high temperature, the infected tissue decomposes, destroying the fungus.

- The course of treatment is from 6 to 10 procedures, the number and frequency of which depends on the type of fungus, the area of infection and the general condition of the patient.

- In addition to laser therapy sessions, the dermatologist prescribes a medication, depending on the type of fungus.

- In order to get the best results, dermatologists work in tandem with podiatrists. Once a month, the podologist treats the nail plate (scraping) for fungal infections.

- After a course of laser therapy, the patient must adhere to the dermatologist's recommendations to prevent the recurrence of fungus.


The advantages of using laser to treat nail fungus:

- It can be used against all types of fungi.

- High effectiveness.

- No side effects.

- The duration of the session is about 30 minutes.



Laser nail fungus treatment

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Laser nail fungus treatment

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Laser nail fungus treatment

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Laser nail fungus treatment

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Fungus treatment in Excellence Clinics is provided by the qualified and experienced dermatologists and podiatrists using modern equipment. We guarantee a high level of service, high quality diagnostics, high efficiency of procedures, and individual approach to each patient and a pleasant price.






15 min.Nail fungus treatment, 1 finger (hand or foot)  160 UAH.
15 min.Toenail fungus treatment, 1 thumb (hand or foot)  220 UAH.
30 min.Nail fungus treatment, 5 fingers area  580 UAH.


Dermatologist as part of the procedure  250 UAH.
Dermatologist/dermatologist 1st category  350-400 UAH
Control examination  200 UAH.
Dermatoscopy (examination + consultation)  550 UAH
Consultation trichologist  400 UAH
Trichoscopy + consultation  500 UAH
7 daysHistology examination  730 UAH.
1-3 daysResearch on parasitic fungi  360 UAH
Sampling  60 UAH.
1-3 daysDemodex test  380-450 UAH.
Anesthesia 150 UAH.

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