Laser hair removal for men

The Excellence MCC chain of clinics offers three laser hair removal devices: diode laser and alexandrite laser.


Quite recently male laser hair removal was considered a rare procedure, but now it is quite a frequent request at our clinic. Currently this is a common service which is used by increased representatives of the stronger half of humanity. Laser hair removal for men is the fastest, most effective way to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Laser hair removal can get rid of unwanted hair in the following places:
- Underarm zone
- Deep bikini.
- Face (nose, forehead, cheeks, chin, mustache).
- Neck.
- Chest.
- Glutes.
- Arms.
- Legs.
- Back.
- Abdomen.

Лазерная эпиляция для мужчин

It takes from 6 to 10 sessions in total. Usually, the second epilation is performed after 30 days. Then the intervals between treatments increase.

Recommendations before procedure

Before the session you should properly prepare. To do this, hairs in the treatment area should be shaved off the day before the appointed date. This helps to achieve greater hair stiffness and reduces the risk of irritation. The day before epilation, you cannot use different sprays, oils and creams for the body or face, depending on the place of treatment. Otherwise, it is possible to overheat the skin and even burn.

It is also not recommended to sunbathe and visit the solarium 10 days before and after the procedure - for the Lumenis diode laser.

Recommendations after laser hair removal

It is important to understand that laser hair removal is a stress for skin. That is why we kindly ask you to follow all the doctor's recommendations concerning skin treatment in the first days after the procedure.
- It is necessary to apply soothing cream (Bepanten, Panthenol and others) to the treated areas - for 3-5 days.
- Do not use a solarium for 10 days.
- If the skin dries out, you can use a moisturizing cream.
- Avoid direct sunlight on the treated areas, use sunscreen with an SPF factor of 30 or more.

While choosing moisturizing creams it is desirable to consult the doctor who has carried out the laser therapy session. It is important that in the first few days it is as light as possible in texture and does not contain glycolic acid and retinol.

Contraindications for laser hair removal

MCC Excellence specialists do not perform this procedure in the following cases:
- While taking hormonal medications.
- In cases of chronic varicose veins.
- If diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
- If there is a pacemaker.
- In cancer, including benign tumors.
- Epilepsy.



Laser hair removal for men

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Laser hair removal for men

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Laser hair removal for men

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Laser hair removal for men

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10 min.Upper lip 250 UAH-120 UAH
10 min.Chin, complexity 1-3 250-430 UAH150 - 199 UAH120 - 290 UAH
20 min.Face 800 UAH-460 UAH
10 min.Eyebrow (female) 150 UAH-100 UAH
10 min.Interbrow bone marrow (man) 210 UAH-140 UAH
10 min.temples 200 UAH-130 UAH
20 min.Occiput (neck) 350 UAH240 UAH200 UAH
15 min.Cheeks 300 UAH165 UAH165 UAH
20 min.Cheeks (including temples) 400 UAH-265 UAH


10 min.Armpit area (women) 380 UAH260 UAH220 UAH
10 min.Armpit area (man) 500 UAH495 UAH290 UAH
20 min.Arms partially (woman) 570 UAH450 UAH380 UAH
20 min.Arms partially (man) 700 UAH600 UAH450 UAH
30 min.Arms completely (woman) 815 UAH660 UAH550 UAH
30 min.Arms completely (man) 950 UAH750 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Shoulders (woman) 430 UAH350 UAH290 UAH
20 min.Shoulders (man) 650 UAH500 UAH370 UAH


10 min.Cleavage area 250 UAH200 UAH165 UAH
10 min.Breast aureole 180 UAH-100 UAH
10 min.White line of abdomen, difficulties 1-3 280-350-430 UAH240 UAH155 - 290 UAH
20 min.Chest (male) 750 UAH550 UAH450 UAH
20 min.Abdomen (male) 900 UAH650 UAH530 UAH
10 min.Torso, difficulty 1-3 360-480 UAH390 UAH240 - 320 UAH
40 min.Back partially (man) 1200 UAH800 UAH660 UAH
40 min.Full back (man) 1500 UAH1200 UAH910 UAH


10 min.Pubic area (woman) 500 UAH350 UAH290 UAH
15 min.Pubic area (men) 700 UAH450 UAH370 UAH
10 min.Additional bikini (upper labia + intercalcaneal fold) 600 UAH400 UAH330 UAH
20 min.Bikini line panties 650 UAH470 UAH390 UAH
20 min.Partial bikini 800 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
20 min.Deep bikini (women) 1100 UAH720 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Deep bikini (men) 1200 UAH840 UAH700 UAH
10 min.Intertrochanteric fold 400 UAH240 UAH200 UAH


10 min.Toes 150 UAH-80 UAH
10 min.Knees 120 UAH-80 UAH
20 min.Calves 750 UAH530 UAH440 UAH
30 min.Calves (including knees) 870 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
20 min.Thighs partially 550 UAH420 UAH350 UAH
30 min.Hips 950 UAH720 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Buttocks (woman) 650 UAH500 UAH420 UAH
20 min.Buttocks (man) 900 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
60 min.Legs completely (woman) 1750 UAH1350 UAH1100 UAH
60 min.Complete legs (man) 2500 UAH1600 UAH1320 UAH
*The time of the procedure is approximate and may differ from the actual procedure provided

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