Papilloma removal

Papilloma removal


Papillomas are benign small growths on the skin. They usually have the color of human skin, but can also be pink, brown or even dark in color. In the latter case, papillomas look like regular moles. They, like warts, are caused by types of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Papillomas usually occur in warm and moist areas of the body where the skin forms folds that promote HPV, such as the neck, eyelids, armpits, breasts, and groin area. If skin neoplasms are located in areas prone to trauma, they may change their appearance and increase in size.

Papillomas can occur in almost everyone. However, there are some predisposing factors that contribute to their appearance in certain groups of people. Such factors are:

- Excessive weight.

- Pregnancy.

- Endocrinopathies.

- Skin injuries.

- A tendency to get warts.

- Heredity.

The diagnosis of papilloma is made on the basis of a clinical examination by a dermatologist, a biopsy is rarely required to confirm it. In any case, their removal is necessary for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

The methods of papilloma removal are:

The method of removal is determined by the patient's skin characteristics, the size of the cutaneous neoplasms, and their location and the final diagnosis.

Electrocoagulation of papillomas (radio wave method) - cauterization of the growth with an electric current of high frequency.

Removal of papillomas with laser is a modern and effective treatment of papillomas, which leads to the complete destruction of the existing neoplasms. It is a non-invasive, practically painless (an anesthetic is used) treatment which allows to get rid of papillomas in the most hard-to-reach places and remove up to 20-25 papillomas in one session. The laser beam is precisely directed to the desired point without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

The use of laser and radiosurgical equipment allows you to avoid blood loss, and the healing process and recovery occurs very quickly.

Removal of papillomas Kiev in MCC Excellence is performed exclusively by a dermatologist using modern professional equipment.



Papilloma removal

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Papilloma removal

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Papilloma removal

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Papilloma removal

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The process of removing the papilloma:

— A consultation with a dermatologist.

Definition of the papilloma type and affected tissue.

— A removal procedure.

The selection of the most appropriate method of removal. The neoplasms are removed in one session.

— The healing periods.

After the removal procedure, the patient must follow the instructions of the dermatologist.

Various means for removing papillomas available in pharmacies for independent use can not provide with the desired result. Any home remedy is only suitable for removing the visible part of the neoplasm, not affecting the deeper tissues, which leaves the possibility for the development and spread of infection. If the cause of the papilloma is not identified and treated, skin neoplasms can cause severe damage to your health.

If you want to get rid of papillomas, you should definitely consult a dermatologist at Excellence clinics. A dermatologist is the only specialist who can diagnose various skin diseases and neoplasms. Only an accurate diagnosis and identified cause of papilloma formation will ensure the correct course of treatment and the choice of the most appropriate method of removal.




Cost, UAH


30 min.Papillomas, difficulty 1 - 3  340-510
30 min.Papillomas, body area up to 3 pieces  590
30 min.Papilloma, body area up to 5 pts.  740
30 min.Papillomas, body area up to 10 pcs.  1030
30 min.Papilloma, body area from 10  1300
40 min.Papilloma/condyloma p/cut, intimate area, complexity 1 - 1 pc.  340
40 min.Papilloma/condyloma p/knife, intimate area, difficulty 2 - 1 pc.  450
40 min.Papilloma/condyloma p/knife, intimate area up to 3 pieces.  950
40 min.Papilloma/condyloma p/knife, intimate area from 3 to 8 pcs.  1600
40 min.Papillomas/condylomas p/knife, intimate area 9 to 15 pcs.  2100
30 min.Moles, difficulty 1 - up to 0,5 сm  450
30 min.Moles, complexity 2 - from 0,5 to 1 cm  850
40 min.Moles, complexity 3 - more than 1 cm  1160
20 min.Molluscum / milium  55
20 min.Lipomas/atheromas/hemangiomas, difficulty 1 - 3  450-1300


30 min.Warts, difficulty 1 - 3  340-510
30 min.Warts, zone from 3  590
30 min.Moles, difficulty 1 - up to 0,5 cm  450
30 min.Freckles, complexity 2 - from 0,5 to 1 cm  850
40 min.Freckles, difficulty 3 - more than 1 cm  1200
20 min.Hemangioma/keratoma, difficulty 1 - 3  340-510
21 min.Lipoma/xanthelasma, difficulty 1 - 3  450-1300
15 min.Papilloma, 1 pc.  340
30 min.Papilloma, up to 3  590
30 min.Papillomas, area 3 to 5 units  740
30 min.Papillomas, area 5 to 10 units  1030
30 min.Papillomas, area from 10 units  1300
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area, complexity 1 - 1 pc.  340
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area, complexity 2 - 1 pc.  450
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area up to 3 pieces.  950
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area from 3 to 8 pcs.  1600
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area 9 to 15 pcs.  2100
45 min.Molluscum contagiosum, zone 10 to 20 pcs.  1300
45 min.Molluscum contagiosum, area over 20 pcs.  2100


15 min.Nail fungus treatment, 1 finger (hand or foot)  170
15 min.Toenail fungus treatment, 1 thumb (hand or foot)  230
30 min.Nail fungus treatment, 5 fingers area  590


15 min.Warts, difficulty 1 - 3  310-360-460
30 min.Warts, area from 3  600
15 min.Molluscum/milium nitrogen 1 pc.  55


Dermatologist as part of the procedure  250
Dermatologist/dermatologist 1st category  350-400
Control examination  200
Dermatoscopy (examination + consultation)  550
Consultation trichologist  400
Trichoscopy + consultation  550
7 daysHistology examination  730
1-3 daysResearch on parasitic fungi  390
Sampling  60
1-3 daysDemodex test  380-450
Anesthesia 100
Intramuscular/intravenous injection  90-130
Info on swimming pool  200

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