3D Face Lifting

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3D Face Lifting are thin fibers of biomaterial that are inserted into the skin to tighten it and improve its elasticity. 3D Face Lifting consists of two parts: a thin and elastic needle that allows the beautician to perform modeling, and filaments from polydioxanone PDO (fully biodegradable and compatible with human tissues). Threads are inserted into the skin tissue at various levels, forming a structure like a skeleton located inside the epidermis. After 6-8 months, it is completely decomposed and naturally excreted from the body. The procedure of reinforcing the skin with threads takes on average about an hour and is completely safe. During the process of 3D Face Lifting doctor does not make incisions, the thread is introduced with an ultrafine needle, so the puncture is invisible and heals quickly.
Surgical (non-absorbable) threads of polypropylene material are fixed in the subcutaneous fat layer, but not deeper. They represent a palpable skeleton for the skin, allowing you to return the original relief. This method can combat advanced stages of ptosis, such as sagging facial contours, deep wrinkles and pinched skin.
Biodegradable (absorbable) sutures (also known as bio-fibers) are made from caprolactone and L-lactic acid. They are suitable for combating the early signs of skin aging.

3D Face Lifting

The indications for a thread lifting:
- Forehead wrinkles.
- Crow’s feet around the eyes.
- Creases near the ears.
- Ptosis (drooping) cheeks and chin.
- Drooping corners of the eyebrows and lips.
- Changes in the contour of the face.
- Flabby skin of the buttocks, legs and arms.
- Fading skin on the neck and chest.
- Uneven skin texture.

The results:
- Lifting of the facial oval, and restoration of its contour.
- Smoothing of the wrinkles.
- Elimination of double chin.
- Reduction of nasolabial folds.
- Rejuvenation and lifting of the skin of the neck, cleavage, arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
The required amount and type of 3D Face Lifting will be determined by a specialist, considering localization, degree of severity of the problem, skin condition, and the individual characteristics of the patient.



3D Face Lifting

Medical license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

3D Face Lifting

Experienced doctors and specialists

3D Face Lifting

Certified products

3D Face Lifting

Professional equipment

— Pregnancy.
— Lactation.
— Cancer.
— Blood diseases.
— Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
— Inflammatory processes in the body.
— Skin diseases at the injection sites.
— Allergies to components of the materials.
Thanks to the 3D Face Lifting method, it is possible to achieve an instant tissue tightening and remodeling of facial contours. The amazing effect of rejuvenation is achieved by stimulating neocollagenesis in deep layers of the dermis. The procedure of lifting with Aptos 3D Face Lifting/fibers will make your face look young again, and your skin will look smooth, elastic, without wrinkles and folds.
Excellence employs highly qualified specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. In our clinics we use only certified, quality, sterile materials and select treatment methods considering the wishes and individual characteristics of the patient.




Cost, UAH


30 min.Filler Vit - OX/B/R (Italfarmacia, Italy)2200
Mesotherapy Redness ID (INNO Spain)  1800
30 min.Mesobotox face (Allergan, USA)3800
30 min.Mesobotox neck (Allergan, USA)4800


60 min.TWAC eyes (Medhome, UK)  3300


45 min.Chemical liposuction (INNO Spain)  1800
45 min.Mesotherapy Face Nade (INNO Spain) - 2,5 ml2000
60 min.Hyaluronidase / Collagenase (PB Serum, Spain) - 5 ml  1500
60 min.Hyaluronidase + Collagenase (PB Serum, Spain) - 10 ml  2000
60 min.Enzymatic lipolysis "TRIADA (PB Serum, Spain) - 15 ml  3000


45 min.Hair scalp mesotherapy Hair/Dermaheal (Spain/Korea)  1800
45 min.Hair scalp mesotherapy Hair (INNO Spain)  2500
45 min.DR.CYJ Hair Filler 1 ml3900
45 min.Hair Bio Activator Filler 1 ml2700
60 min.Scalp mesotherapy, 1 Plasmolifting™ tube  1800


60 min.Plinest (Mastelli, Spain) - 2 ml4900
60 min.Ialest (Mastelli, Spain) - 2 ml4000
60 min.TWAC 2.0 (Medhome, UK)  5500
60 min.TWAC 3.0 (Medhome, UK)  6000
60 min.Juvederm Volite (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  6000


Botox injections (Allergan, USA)

15 min.Forehead - female/male2100-2500
15 min.Interbrow - female/male  2100-2500
15 min.Eyes (crow's feet) - female/male  2100-2500
15 min.Rabbit wrinkles  from 1000
15 min.Nose wings  from 1000
15 min.Gingival smile  from 1000
15 min.Kitic wrinkles  from 1000
15 min.Corner of the mouth  from 1000
15 min.Chin  from 1500
30 min.Nefertiti elevator (neck)  from 5500
30 min.Chewing mishna/bruxism elimination  from 4500
30 min.Botox injections, treatment of hyperhidrosis  7500



60 min.Juvederm 2 (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  4100
60 min.Juvederm Smile (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  3900
60 min.Juvederm 3 (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  5000
60 min.Juvederm Volift Retouch (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  4100
60 min.Juvederm Volift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  7000
60 min.Juvederm Voluma (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7300


60 min.Juvederm Vollift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  4100
60 min.Juvederm Volbella (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Juvederm Volift Retouch (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  7000


60 min.Juvederm Vollift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Juvederm Voluma (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7300
60 min.Juvederm Volux (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  7300


60 min.Juvederm 2 (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  4100


60 min.HArmonyCA 1.25ml10000
60 min.Reversal liquid threads 1 ml   2800
60 min.Reversal 4 ml.  7500
60 min.Reversal liquid threads 9 ml  13000
60 min.3D Lifting Mono 10 pcs.  6000
60 min.3D Lifting Twin 10 pieces  6000
60 min.3D Lifting with notches, 2 pieces.  3500


60 min.Any area, 1 tube Plasmolifting™  1800

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