Removal of other neoplasms

Removal of other neoplasms


Most skin formations are harmless and do not require removal. However, your dermatologist may recommend that you have a tumor removed if it makes you uncomfortable or if you have doubts about whether it is benign.

The indications for the removal of neoplasm can be divided into medical and cosmetic ones.

The indications for removal include:

- Neoplasms in the places where they can be easily traumatized. For example, while shaving or  in the places of friction with clothes. It is also recommended to remove pigmented moles to prevent the development of melanoma.

- Viral skin diseases - papillomas, warts, condyloma acuminata, and molluscum contagiosum.

- Removal of keratomas, hemangiomas, lipomas, and xanthelasmas for aesthetic reasons.

The methods of neoplasm removal:

A neoplasm on the skin can be removed in one of the following ways:

 Laser Destruction.

The Excellence clinics use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to remove new growths: fractional DEKA Lazer and laser coagulator Lika Surgeon. Laser destruction allows removal of neoplasms even in hard-to-reach places.

The advantages of the method include:

- Absence of bleeding.

- Pinpoint exposure which allows us to deal with tumors without affecting healthy areas of the skin.

- The use of local anesthesia minimizes pain.

- The recovery process is quick and painless.

The radio wave method.

This is a modern, effective and safe method. Removal of neoplasms in Kiev by radio wave method is carried out using a radiosurgical knife. The principle of its work is based on the emission of radio waves of high frequency under the influence of which the tumors evaporate. The action of radio waves during the procedure is strictly directional. The cells that are not targeted by the radio waves remain undamaged. This results in minimal trauma to neighboring tissues. The wave frequency is chosen individually depending on the type, size, and location of the tumor.

If necessary, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so it is painless. In addition, the removal occurs without bleeding and damages the surrounding healthy skin. The radio-wave method allows you to send the neoplasm for histological examination, since it has a minimal level of tissue necrosis. The average duration of a session is about 20-30 minutes.

Removal by surgery (excision). 

This is a radical method of removing neoplasm with a scalpel. The method of surgical excision is the most effective in the removal of certain types of skin formations and helps detect pathological processes in the neoplasm and the surrounding tissues by 100%.


This is a procedure of freezing the neoplasm with liquid nitrogen. An amount of liquid nitrogen is applied to the lesion for about ten seconds. After the skin growth is destroyed, a blister appears which will fall off in 1-2 weeks. There is no bleeding or pain during this procedure, and there is no need for special preparation or anesthesia.

The advantages of cryoablation are:

- painless and minimally traumatic procedure.

- short recovery period.

- a minimum of contraindications.

- affordable prices.

At the consultation, a specialist will determine which method of removal suits you best. This depends on the type of neoplasm and its location on the body. The removal of neoplasms in Kiev at MCC Excellence is performed exclusively by a dermatologist using modern professional equipment.



Removal of other neoplasms

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Removal of other neoplasms

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Removal of other neoplasms

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Removal of other neoplasms

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The process of neoplasm removal:

— Consultation of a dermatologist.

The definition of the type of neoplasm and affected tissue.

— The removal procedure.

Choice of the most appropriate removal method.

— The healing period.

After the removal procedure, the patient should follow the dermatologist’s instructions. Follow-up care is a key part of your treatment and safety. Be sure to come in for a follow-up appointment with your doctor and let him know if you have any problems.

If you want to get rid of new growths on your skin, be sure to consult a dermatologist at Excellence Clinics. A dermatologist is the only specialist who can diagnose various skin diseases and neoplasms. Only an accurate diagnosis and identified causes will ensure the right course of treatment and choice of the most appropriate removal method.



Cost, UAH


30 min.Papillomas, difficulty 1 - 3  340-510
30 min.Papillomas, body area up to 3 pieces  590
30 min.Papilloma, body area up to 5 pts.  740
30 min.Papillomas, body area up to 10 pcs.  1030
30 min.Papilloma, body area from 10  1300
40 min.Papilloma/condyloma p/cut, intimate area, complexity 1 - 1 pc.  340
40 min.Papilloma/condyloma p/knife, intimate area, difficulty 2 - 1 pc.  450
40 min.Papilloma/condyloma p/knife, intimate area up to 3 pieces.  950
40 min.Papilloma/condyloma p/knife, intimate area from 3 to 8 pcs.  1600
40 min.Papillomas/condylomas p/knife, intimate area 9 to 15 pcs.  2100
30 min.Moles, difficulty 1 - up to 0,5 сm  450
30 min.Moles, complexity 2 - from 0,5 to 1 cm  850
40 min.Moles, complexity 3 - more than 1 cm  1160
20 min.Molluscum / milium  55
20 min.Lipomas/atheromas/hemangiomas, difficulty 1 - 3  450-1300


30 min.Warts, difficulty 1 - 3  340-510
30 min.Warts, zone from 3  590
30 min.Moles, difficulty 1 - up to 0,5 cm  450
30 min.Freckles, complexity 2 - from 0,5 to 1 cm  850
40 min.Freckles, difficulty 3 - more than 1 cm  1200
20 min.Hemangioma/keratoma, difficulty 1 - 3  340-510
21 min.Lipoma/xanthelasma, difficulty 1 - 3  450-1300
15 min.Papilloma, 1 pc.  340
30 min.Papilloma, up to 3  590
30 min.Papillomas, area 3 to 5 units  740
30 min.Papillomas, area 5 to 10 units  1030
30 min.Papillomas, area from 10 units  1300
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area, complexity 1 - 1 pc.  340
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area, complexity 2 - 1 pc.  450
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area up to 3 pieces.  950
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area from 3 to 8 pcs.  1600
30 min.Papilloma/condyloma laser, intimate area 9 to 15 pcs.  2100
45 min.Molluscum contagiosum, zone 10 to 20 pcs.  1300
45 min.Molluscum contagiosum, area over 20 pcs.  2100


15 min.Nail fungus treatment, 1 finger (hand or foot)  170
15 min.Toenail fungus treatment, 1 thumb (hand or foot)  230
30 min.Nail fungus treatment, 5 fingers area  590


15 min.Warts, difficulty 1 - 3  310-360-460
30 min.Warts, area from 3  600
15 min.Molluscum/milium nitrogen 1 pc.  55


Dermatologist as part of the procedure  250
Dermatologist/dermatologist 1st category  350-400
Control examination  200
Dermatoscopy (examination + consultation)  550
Consultation trichologist  400
Trichoscopy + consultation  550
7 daysHistology examination  730
1-3 daysResearch on parasitic fungi  390
Sampling  60
1-3 daysDemodex test  380-450
Anesthesia 100
Intramuscular/intravenous injection  90-130
Info on swimming pool  200

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