Feet are an indicator of the state of health of the entire body, and can signal the presence of endocrine, vascular and other diseases. The science of the foot is called Podology. The state of joints, feet and nails is affected by many factors, including negative factors, excessive strain, wearing tight or low-quality shoes, temperature changes, micro traumas and many others, plus concomitant diseases.

All this leads to a variety of problems. People diagnosed with diabetes should be especially careful about their feet. At Excellence Medical Center, our experienced specialists in podiatry offer a set of preventive and curative procedures, in the most comfortable conditions.

The list of basic procedures and their peculiarities

Medical pedicure is designed to solve many problems. Assumes the use of special equipment and the presence of certain qualifications, knowledge and experience of the specialist who carries out the procedures

Ingrown toenail.

According to statistics, about 5% of the world's population faces this problem. All Excellence Centers use effective and painless methods for treatment of this pathology:
— Machine treatment of the ingrown nail.
— Installation of staples and plates: Combiped, 3-TO, Fraser, B/S plate, titanium thread.
— Treatment of inflammatory process in adults and children.

The principle of treatment is the external placement of plates or staples, which are individually selected by the podiatrist, depending on many factors. The nail is slightly raised, due to the action of the plate or staple, which is glued with a special glue or stretched mechanically and held in this position.

Foot fungus

Another name for pathology is mycosis. For its treatment, special medical pedicure techniques are used. The use of special equipment and nozzles for grinding, makes it possible to remove the affected tissues of the nail plate as gently as possible, and speed up the recovery process, by increasing the intensity of the positive effects of antifungal drugs. In this case, the infection of neighboring areas is completely excluded.

Cracked feet

One of the main causes of the appearance of the pathology is excessive dryness of the skin. Most often appears on the heels. Therapeutic pedicure involves careful treatment, with abrasive nozzles, the edges of cracks, followed by the application of medical ointments, with wound-healing effect.

Corn callus

To solve these problems, specialists podologists clinics Cosmetology Excellence in Kiev using the method of drilling out the core of corn. To do this, use special nozzles, the principle of exposure which is like the drill. This method does not affect healthy tissue and does not cause inflammatory processes. For the fastest recovery and healing of the wound, a drug is injected into it, after which a bandage is applied.


Often develops because of skin trimming. This procedure is characteristic of classic pedicure and can cause their growth to intensify. Over time, this often leads to the formation of hard skin on most of the feet. This problem can be solved with a therapeutic pedicure. Most often one session is enough.

Nail fungus

The disease usually leads to discoloration and deformation of nail plates and is contagious. The timely treatment that should be started as soon as the first signs of the disease are detected can help prevent infection of surrounding people. Identify them and completely get rid of pathology, will promptly visit the podologist in Kiev. Effective treatment involves the removal of special cutters, the affected tissue nail plate. Then antifungal treatment of other areas is performed. The external deformation of the nail is smoothed with specialized gels.

Care of the diabetic foot

Diabetes mellitus is directly associated with a decrease in immunity, which causes certain failures in the various systems of the body, and the formation of the weakest places. Patients with such a diagnosis have an increased vulnerability to infections, the healing of even micro-traumas is very long. Therefore, diabetic dry feet require particular care, characterized by a high degree of safety, non-traumatic and neatness.

Podologist at MCC Excellence, when caring for the diabetic foot, strive to focus all their efforts on restoring the failure in a single system by activating the reserve mechanisms for self-recovery.

Pedicure of the diabetic foot. In its process, the dead layer of dry skin is removed and treated with special preparations with healing and moisturizing properties. They also help to restore, in the affected areas, normal blood circulation.

Our conditions

Specialists in podiatry at the Excellence Cosmetic Clinic have specialized training and extensive experience in this segment of services. All procedures are carried out in strict compliance with hygiene standards. For this purpose, all tools and equipment are regularly treated (thermal and special solutions), disposable tools, tips and consumables also used.

If necessary, a specialist podiatrist in Kiev may send the patient for consultation with related specialists, dermatologist, surgeon and others, as well as additional studies. This ensures high efficiency and safety of the procedures. Regular visits to a specialist podiatrist at Excellence MCC will keep your feet healthy, feet beautiful and your gait light.



Cost, UAH


15 min.Treatment before wart removal  200
15 min.Nail treatment  300
60 min.Nail treatment one area (5 fingers)  700
15 min.Inflammatory process treatment  250
40 min.Removal of ingrown nail, difficulty 1-2  500-600
60 min.Placement of the staple  1500
60 min.Titanium suture placement  1500
60 min.Nail plate replacement, partial  400
15 min.Heel cracks, treatment, 1 pc.  200
60 min.Heel cracks, treatment + cure, 1 pc.  500
15 min.Calf corns, keratosis, treatment - 1 pc  300-400
15 min.Root/core corns, as a part of treatment  200
30 min.Root/core/subcutaneous corns, 1 pc.  300-400
30 min.Wart treatment  350
15 min.Tamponade/patch 150
15 min.Tamponade NaGel  300
15 min.Taping  200-350
15 min.Prophylactic insoles  150
30 min.Onychogryphosis (claw removal)  650
15 min.Foot applicator (2 feet)  300
15 min.Bandage  150


45 min.Pedicure medical hardware, partial  600
90 min.Medical instrumented pedicure  800
120 min.Medical instrumented pedicure, complex  900


15 min.Podologist consultation as a part of the procedure  300
30 min.Podologist consultation  200
5 min.Supervision/correction  200
Anesthesia (Ultracaine, Artifrine, Lidocaine)  150

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