Intimate Beauty in Excellence MCC in Kiev - professional care for the delicate area.


Intimate Cosmetology / Aesthetic Gynecology

Intimate Beauty in Excellence MCC in Kiev - professional care for the delicate area.
The attractiveness and beauty of not only the face and body, but also the intimate area is important for modern women. In Ukraine, treatments for the delicate zone are a new field of activity, although abroad, particularly in the USA, Germany, Sweden, France and other European countries, they are quite popular and have been used since the first half of the 1990s.

One of the directions of Beauty Medicine Excellence Clinic in Kiev is intimate cosmetology. Qualified specialists will help you to solve most problems and correct the intimate area. Thanks to this you will always be sexy, feel confident in all situations and have maximum pleasure (moral and physical).

Relevance of services
As a person ages, the external genitals age. This is manifested in a stretching or wrinkling of the skin, discoloration, flabby labia, loss of tone, sagging and excessive pigmentation. The causes may be very different:
- Congenital features of the structure.
- Diseases and injuries.
- Childbirth, especially repeated births.
- Abrupt weight loss and some others.

Many problems can be treated with intimate cosmetology procedures, each of which has its own purpose and special conditions for performing them. But all of them are aimed at increasing the sensitivity of the genitals and improving their appearance, as their beauty is no less important than the perfection of the body shape and expressiveness of the face.

G-spot Augmentation
This procedure consists of the injection of hyaluronic acid gels into the given area. Due to this, it fills the G-spot, which makes it more accessible during intercourse. This, in turn, allows a woman to have a brighter vaginal orgasm, and reach it much faster.

This procedure is recommended in the following cases:
- In the case of reduced libido.
- A special shape of the vagina when access to this point is impossible or significantly hampered.
- The vagina has an enlarged volume.

Contraindications to augmentation are:
- The presence of cancerous diseases.
- Chronic pathologies of internal organs.
- Pregnancy at any stage of pregnancy.
- Sexually transmitted diseases.
- Herpes in the acute stage.
- Infections of the genitourinary system.

Duration - about 20 min.

Contouring of the vulva
This procedure is aimed at increasing or correcting the labia, to improve its appearance. It is an effective alternative to surgical methods. The advantages of a contourplasty of the vulva are:
- A high degree of safety.
- Painless.
- Minimally traumatic.

The principle of the procedure is to inject fillers (fillers) into specific points. This method is effective for the following tasks:
- Enlarge the labia.
- Correct the volume and shape.
- Eliminate asymmetry.
- Restore elasticity and elasticity of tissues and rejuvenate them.
- Improve the availability of the clitoris for a more vivid orgasm.
- Normalize local metabolic processes.
- Eliminate atrophy of the vulva and some other problems, including those characteristic of the menopause.

Intimate biorevitalization

This procedure consists of the injection of hyaluronic acid preparations into the intimate area tissues. Thanks to this it increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin and its hydration. Conditioned by the properties of hyaluronic acid to activate the production of elastin and collagen, as well as retain water. The results of successfully performed manipulations are:
- Improved quality of sex.
- The disappearance of dry skin and deep moisturizing.
- Cessation of itching.
- Lightening of the labia.
- Increasing the turgor of the skin.

The average duration of a session is 45 minutes.

Contraindications are:
- Pregnancy.
- The presence of pathologies of autoimmune character.
- Inflammatory processes.

Intimate Area 3D-lifting

This is a therapeutic and cosmetic procedure with a pronounced rejuvenating effect. It is characterized by 100% safety, low-traumatism, high efficiency and comfort (no pain). Recently, it is often used in conjunction with other measures in the treatment of inflammatory processes.

The principle of intimate area plasmolifting is the introduction of plasma derived from the blood of the patient. It is injected subcutaneously and submucosally in the affected organ. The session lasts about one hour. First the blood is drawn (not more than 40 ml), then it is processed in a special centrifuge, where it is separated into autoplasma and autogel. At this time, the injection site is treated with an anesthetic. After that, the platelet autoplasma is injected.

As a result of such manipulations there is a positive effect on the skin of the vaginal mucosa and perineum, as well as on the regenerative and metabolic processes. All this allows us to prolong an active intimate life and make it more harmonious and brighter.

Laser rejuvenation of the intimate area

One of the latest technologies used by cosmetologists at the Excellence Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. Assumes exposure of intimate skin to the laser beam. During the procedure there is a layer-by-layer removal of dead tissue. Due to this it is possible to obtain such results:
- Lighten the skin.
- Eliminate sagging.
- Reduce the volume of the labia and the width of the genital canal.
- Get rid of wrinkles.
- Improve skin tone.

Laser rejuvenation of the delicate area is aimed at eliminating the psychological discomfort of physical and emotional discomfort caused by regular itching, dryness and irritation, and painful intercourse.

Removal of pigmentation

Intimate Area Lightening in Excellence Cosmetology Clinic is performed using a laser beam. The advantages of this method are:
1) High efficiency. The result is noticeable after the first session.
2) Safety. Use of modern certified equipment.
3) Minimal recovery period, no strict limitations.
4) The duration of the session is not more than 30 minutes.
5) To achieve the desired result is sufficiently 1-4 procedures.
Removal of pigmentation in the intimate area is an opportunity to look always 100% and be self-confident.

Removal of neoplasm in the intimate areas

Neoplasm in a sensitive area can be a severe problem in a person's life. This is due not only to aesthetic discomfort, but also to the high probability of its damage during sexual intercourse. In addition, some neoplasms are quite painful. Among the most common neoplasms in the intimate area are:
- Warts.
- Papillomas;
- Atheromas;
- Condylomas.

To remove them, radiofrequency methods, cryosurgery and laser beam exposure are used. The last method is the most effective and has a minimum of contraindications. The principle of laser removal of neoplasms in a delicate area is based on vaporizing the neoplasm tissue. It is performed layer by layer under local anesthesia. The average duration of a session does not exceed 40 minutes.

The main advantages of the method are:
- Efficiency.
- Safety.
- No special preparation is required.
- Short recovery period.
- It is painless and does not require blood.

At MCC Excellence, the procedure is performed by experienced doctors who have received certification and special training.



Cost, UAH


45 min.Intimate peeling (Meline, Spain)  1300


Filler of the choice according to the indications (1 syringe):  
Juvederm "Voluma" (1 syringe, 1 ml)  7300
Juvederm 3 (1 syringe, 1 ml)  5000
Juvederm Vollift (1 syringe, 1 ml)  7000
*Anesthesia cost is not included 


Plasmolifting  1800
*Anesthesia cost is not included 


Laser fractional resurfacing of the perineum  2700
*Anesthesia cost is not included 


Laser removal of neoplasms of the 1st category (DEKA)  620
Laser removal of neoplasms of the 2nd category (DEKA)  1290
Laser removal of papillomas/condylomas, foreskin up to 3 pieces  750
Laser removal of papillomas/condylomas, foreskin from 3 units up to 7 units.  1290
Laser removal of papillomas/condylomas, foreskin from 8 pieces.  1600
*Anesthesia cost is not included 

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