Neck and Hand Rejuvenation

Омоложение шеи и рук


Often, we focus on keeping our facial skin soft, smooth and well-groomed, but we forget about the other parts of the body that also give away our age. The foremost among these are the neck, décolletage and arms. As on the face, loss of skin volume and moisture is a major sign of aging on the hands, neck and décolleté. This leads to changes in skin texture where bones, veins and tendons become more prominent. If not cared for properly, these areas of the body can be a direct indicator of your age.
Modern hand, neck and breast rejuvenation treatments stimulate collagen production and restore the lost volume, reduce hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone.

Mesotherapy. Biorevitalization/bioreparation.
Rejuvenation of the skin with injections of preparations is based on hyaluronic acid and different mesococktails. After the procedure skin becomes moisturized, tighter, fine wrinkles are smoothed, regenerative processes are activated, as well as synthesis of collagen and elastin is intensified, which returns youthfulness to the skin.

The principle of this unique method is based on the injectable filling of wrinkles with fillers, namely Belotero Balance, Belotero Soft (Germany) and Juvederm Volite (France). The medicine is injected into the smallest folds and fills them. As a result, superficial and medium age wrinkles in the decollete and neck area are removed.

Thread lifting.
This procedure is a skin lifting using 3D Face Lifting technology. During the treatment, the doctor inserts 3D Face Lifting fibers under the skin, creating a firm skeleton and holding the soft tissue in place, which lifting, improves contouring and smoother wrinkles.

Volume restoration (volumization).
This is an injection of special dermal fillers that immediately restore volume and smoothen out the skin. After the injection, filler stimulates the production of your natural collagen. The procedure improves the appearance of the skin by reducing wrinkles, eliminating sagging skin, and restoring volume.

Омоложение шеи и рук

In addition to the above procedures, several types of peels, fractional rejuvenation, wraps, massages and others are used to rejuvenate the skin on the arms, neck and decollete area. Neck and arm rejuvenation at Excellence Clinics is a safe and effective procedure with minimal rehabilitation period and long-lasting results.

The results are the following:
- Restoration of skin volume.
- Smooth, supple and regenerated skin on the arms, neck and decollete area.
- Reducing hyperpigmentation, redness, and spider veins.
- Stimulation of collagen and elastin production, improvement of the skin texture.



Neck and Hand Rejuvenation

Medical license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Neck and Hand Rejuvenation

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Neck and Hand Rejuvenation

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Neck and Hand Rejuvenation

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The contraindications are:
— Pregnancy.
— Lactation.
— Oncological diseases.
— Inflammatory processes on the skin where manipulations are performed.
— Infectious diseases.
— Chronic diseases in acute stage.
— Poor blood clotting.
— Allergic reactions to components of preparations.
All treatments performed on arms, neck and breasts at Excellence Clinics are carried out by our qualified dermatologists after prior consultation. During the consultation, a specialist evaluates the condition of the skin and develops an individual treatment plan to ensure the best results for each patient.




Cost, UAH


30 min.Filler Vit - OX/B/R (Italfarmacia, Italy)2000
30 min.Mesobotox face (Allergan, США)3500
30 min.Mesobotox neck (Allergan, США)4500


60 min.TWAC eyes (Medhome, UK)  3200


45 min.Chemical liposuction, second chin with DMAE (Melis,INNO Spain)  1000
45 min.Chemical Liposuction, body (Melis, INNO, Spain)  2500
60 min.Hyaluronidase / Collagenase (PB Serum, Spain) - 5 ml  1450
60 min.Hyaluronidase + Collagenase (PB Serum, Spain) - 10 ml  2250
60 min.Enzymatic lipolysis "TRIADA (PB Serum, Spain) - 15 ml  3300


45 min.Hair scalp mesotherapy Hair/Dermaheal (Spain/Korea)  1230
60 min.DR.CYJ Hair Filler 1 ml3050
60 min.Scalp mesotherapy, 1 Plasmolifting™ tube  2050


60 min.Profhilo 3,2 % (IBSA Farmaceutici, Italy) - 2 ml  5250
60 min.Rejuran (Rejuran) (Pharma research, Korea) - 2 ml  5350
60 min.Rejuran S (Rejuran S) (Pharma research, Korea) - 1 liter  3500
60 min.Rejuran I (Pharma research, Korea) - 1 liter  3500
60 min.TWAC 2.0 (Medhome, UK)  5250
60 min.TWAC 3.0 (Medhome, UK)  5550
60 min.Juvederm Volite (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Restylane Vital (Sweden) - 1 ml.  5250


Dysport injections (Ipsen, France)/Botox injections (Allergan, USA)

15 minForehead   from 2000 UAH
15 minInterbrow  from 2000 UAH
15 minEyes (crow's feet)  from 2000 UAH
15 minRabbit wrinkles  from 1000 UAH
15 minNose wings  from 1000 UAH
15 minGingival smile  from 1000 UAH
15 minKitic wrinkles  from 1000 UAH
15 minCorner of the mouth  from 1000 UAH
15 minChin  from 1500 UAH
30 minNefertiti elevator (neck)  from 5500 UAH
30 minChewing mishna/bruxism elimination  from 4500 UAH
30 minDysport injections (Ipsen, France), treatment of hyperhidrosis  7500



60 min.Juvederm 2 (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  4200
60 min.Juvederm Smile (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  4000
60 min.Juvederm 3 (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  5900
60 min.Juvederm Volift Retouch (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  4800
60 min.Juvederm Volift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  7000
60 min.Juvederm Voluma (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Restylane (Sweden) - 1 ml  7000


60 min.Juvederm Vollift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  7000
60 min.Juvederm Volbella (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Juvederm Volift Retouch (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  4800


60 min.Juvederm Vollift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Juvederm Voluma (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Juvederm Volux (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  7700

3D Lifting

60 min.Radiesse™ (Merz, USA) - 1.5 ml - in any technique  8700


60 min.Belotero Soft (Merz Pharma, Germany) - 1 ml  7700
60 min.Juvederm 2 (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  4200


60 min.Reversal liquid threads 1 ml   1800
60 min.Reversal 4 ml.  5700
60 min.Reversal liquid threads 9 ml  9000
60 min.3D Lifting Mono 10 pcs.  3600
60 min.3D Lifting Twin 10 pieces  5600
60 min.3D Lifting with notches, 2 pieces.  3100


60 min.Any area, 1 tube Plasmolifting™  2050
60 min.Any area, 2 Plasmolifting™ tubes  3500

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