Laser hair removal on alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX Moveo


Laser hair removal Kiev - one of the most common cosmetic procedures among the clients of our medical and cosmetology centers. The operating principle of laser devices is the penetration of highly concentrated light into the hair follicles, whereby the hair structure is destroyed. Dynamic laser hair removal in Excellence clinics in Holosiivskiy district on Italian Deka Motus AX Moveo alexandrite laser is a modern, efficient and painless way to get rid of unwanted hair.

MCC Excellence clinics network offers three devices for hair removal with laser: diode and alexandrite laser.

Лазерная эпиляция на александритовом лазере Deka Motus AX Moveo Лазерная эпиляция КиевLaser hair removal on alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX Moveo Laser hair removal is one of the world leaders in the field of laser innovations. Deka's constant readiness for new research and development has made them the number one laser manufacturer in Europe, and the Motus AX Moveo is another example of their unwavering commitment to excellence. One of the revolutionary aspects of the Motus AX Moveo is its ability to offer alexandrite laser hair removal technology to patients with both fair skin and darker skin.


Alexandrite lasers provide fast results but are not typically used for darker skin to avoid burns or pigmentation. Motus AX Moveo is the first high-speed alexandrite laser that is safe for all skin phototypes. The patented Moveo technology overcomes the limitations of the traditional alexandrite laser but retains all its benefits. The device's sapphire tip gradually heats the hair follicles without damaging the skin and provides a contact cooling system of up to 15C. This technology promotes a painless process, the skin is not overheated and is not damaged.

Advantages of dynamic laser hair removal at MCC "Excellence" on Marshala Koneva str:

- High efficiency and long-lasting results.
- Absolute safety and comfort for patients with any skin type.
- Motus AX Moveo can also be used for tanned skin. But it is always advisable to consult a specialist for specific skin conditions before the procedure.
- Motus AX Moveo allows you to get rid of unwanted hair on any part of the body, including the most delicate areas.
- Effectively removes all hair types, including the finest hairs.
- The high pulse speed ensures fast treatment. The duration of the session will vary depending on the area to be treated, but it is worth noting that the Motus AX Moveo is able to effectively treat large areas in less than 5 minutes.
- Simple preparation and a short, comfortable recovery period.
- The procedure can be performed at any time of the year.
- Minimal number of contraindications.

Preparation for the procedure:

- For 4-5 days before the session it is necessary to refrain from visiting the solarium, not to actively sunbathe and not to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
- The day before laser hair removal Deka Motus AX Moveo need to shave hair on the parts of the body where the laser beam is intended to affect.

Laser hair removal on alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX MoveoLaser hair removal on alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX Moveo
Dynamic laser hair removal with alexandrite laser at the "Excellence" clinic in "Venice" complex passes in several stages:
- The beautician determines the color, hair structure and phototype of the patient's skin.
- After that the specialist adjusts necessary parameters on the laser device.
- The laser exposure is periodic, the zone is treated several times. This is necessary in order to gradually increase the temperature to a given maximum allowable value. As a result, the structure of the hair is destroyed.
- After the session is completed, a soothing agent is applied to the skin, which prevents inflammation and irritation.

Within 2-3 weeks after laser hair removal procedure hair growth decreases markedly. Repeat sessions are held at an interval of about 1 month. The course is determined individually for each patient and averages 8-10 procedures. To maintain the desired results, it is necessary to repeat the procedure at least twice a year.

During the rehabilitation period, it is especially important to follow the recommendations of the specialist who performed the procedure. The main rules are as follows:
- It is forbidden to sunbathe for 4-5 days after epilation.
- Be sure to use sunscreens while outdoors.
- You should not visit the sauna, sauna within 2-3 days.
- Do not actively participate in sports for several days.



Laser hair removal on alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX Moveo

Medical license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Laser hair removal on alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX Moveo

Experienced doctors and specialists

Laser hair removal on alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX Moveo

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Laser hair removal on alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX Moveo

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Dermatocosmetologists of the MCC "Excellence" on Williams Street do not perform the procedure in such cases:
- Pregnancy.
- Cancer.
- Insulin dependent diabetes.
- Infectious diseases.
- Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
- Inflammatory processes or skin lesions, dermatological diseases in the laser exposure areas.

Dynamic laser hair removal in Excellence Clinic at Teremki-2 is performed by qualified and experienced specialists who passed special training and have all the necessary certificates. Let the beauty of your body to professionals and enjoy impeccable results!

 LASER HAIR REMOVAL Alexandrite laser DEKA Motus AX MOVEODiode laser hair removal Lumenis Light Sheer DUET/DESIREDiode laser hair removal
Lumenis Light Sheer ET
Addresses of clinics 19/14 Williams St., Teremki 219/14 Williams St., Teremki 2

14B Koltsova Blvd.


10 min.Upper lip 250 UAH-120 UAH
10 min.Chin, complexity 1-3 250-430 UAH150 - 199 UAH120 - 290 UAH
20 min.Face 800 UAH-460 UAH
10 min.Eyebrow (female) 150 UAH-100 UAH
10 min.Interbrow bone marrow (man) 210 UAH-140 UAH
10 min.temples 200 UAH-130 UAH
20 min.Occiput (neck) 350 UAH240 UAH200 UAH
15 min.Cheeks 300 UAH165 UAH165 UAH
20 min.Cheeks (including temples) 400 UAH-265 UAH


10 min.Armpit area (women) 380 UAH260 UAH220 UAH
10 min.Armpit area (man) 500 UAH495 UAH290 UAH
20 min.Arms partially (woman) 570 UAH450 UAH380 UAH
20 min.Arms partially (man) 700 UAH600 UAH450 UAH
30 min.Arms completely (woman) 815 UAH660 UAH550 UAH
30 min.Arms completely (man) 950 UAH750 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Shoulders (woman) 430 UAH350 UAH290 UAH
20 min.Shoulders (man) 650 UAH500 UAH370 UAH


10 min.Cleavage area 250 UAH200 UAH165 UAH
10 min.Breast aureole 180 UAH-100 UAH
10 min.White line of abdomen, difficulties 1-3 280-350-430 UAH240 UAH155 - 290 UAH
20 min.Chest (male) 750 UAH550 UAH450 UAH
20 min.Abdomen (male) 900 UAH650 UAH530 UAH
10 min.Torso, difficulty 1-3 360-480 UAH390 UAH240 - 320 UAH
40 min.Back partially (man) 1200 UAH800 UAH660 UAH
40 min.Full back (man) 1500 UAH1200 UAH910 UAH


10 min.Pubic area (woman) 500 UAH350 UAH290 UAH
15 min.Pubic area (men) 700 UAH450 UAH370 UAH
10 min.Additional bikini (upper labia + intercalcaneal fold) 600 UAH400 UAH330 UAH
20 min.Bikini line panties 650 UAH470 UAH390 UAH
20 min.Partial bikini 800 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
20 min.Deep bikini (women) 1100 UAH720 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Deep bikini (men) 1200 UAH840 UAH700 UAH
10 min.Intertrochanteric fold 400 UAH240 UAH200 UAH


10 min.Toes 150 UAH-80 UAH
10 min.Knees 120 UAH-80 UAH
20 min.Calves 750 UAH530 UAH440 UAH
30 min.Calves (including knees) 870 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
20 min.Thighs partially 550 UAH420 UAH350 UAH
30 min.Hips 950 UAH720 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Buttocks (woman) 650 UAH500 UAH420 UAH
20 min.Buttocks (man) 900 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
60 min.Legs completely (woman) 1750 UAH1350 UAH1100 UAH
60 min.Complete legs (man) 2500 UAH1600 UAH1320 UAH
*The time of the procedure is approximate and may differ from the actual procedure provided

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