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Facial massage


Massage is an ancient technique that has found its application in modern cosmetology, and it has many fans. Skin care experts say that facial massage will benefit you in the long term.

Facial massage in clinics "Excellence" in Kiev improves blood circulation and lymph flow, normalizes metabolic processes, stimulates the removal of toxins and metabolic products from the skin. The skin is smoothed; it becomes firm and elastic and gains a healthy color. The procedure improves facial contour and after it puffiness and dark circles under the eyes disappear. The procedure is especially relevant for those who are contraindicated to plastic surgery and injection methods.

The benefits of facial massage include:

- Improved blood circulation.

- Stimulating collagen production.

- Reduced stress, improves health.

- Drawing out toxins.

- Removal of the signs of aging.

- Cleansing of the pores and promoting better penetration of skin care products.

- Helping to get rid of the stagnant fluid which causes swelling of the face.

MCC Excellence specialists perform these types of face massage:

- Classic facial massage. This is the most common method used by beauticians around the world. Classical facial massage is aimed at keeping the skin toned, reducing puffiness and correction of wrinkles. It promotes collagen production and relaxes the muscles.

- Lymphatic drainage and plastic facial massage. Lymph is a fluid that removes toxins and metabolic products from our body. It consists of water, proteins and salts. You can improve the lymph flow with a massage. Plastic massage triggers important processes in the skin, provides an increase in tone and strengthens facial muscles. Lymphatic drainage contributes to the disappearance of puffiness with the active removal of toxic substances from the cells of the subcutaneous layer. It is an excellent method, if you want to rejuvenate your skin by deep cleansing.

- Spanish chiromassage Kiev is a unique procedure. It effectively restores elasticity of tissues and muscles. During the massage you alternate more than one hundred receptions. Spanish chiromassage allows you to completely relax. It is painless and deep.

- Modelling facial massage is a deep muscle workout which removes hypertonicity, restores skin elasticity, smoothest wrinkles, and folds and saturates tissues with oxygen.

Certain techniques or a combination of techniques are individually selected for each patient depending on the condition of the skin and aesthetic problems to be solved.

During the procedure we use only certified effective cosmetic products from leading world manufacturers: Skeyndor (Spain), Сasmara (Spain), etc.

What does facial massage procedure include?

It includes

- cleansing of the skin of the face;

- toning;

- performing massage;

- The procedure is completed with applying some cream but you can also use an alginate mask.

The results of the facial massage are the following:

- facial skin tone is increased and the balance of skin moisture is ensured;

- the appearance of the skin is improved;

- facial contours retain their youthfulness for longer.

- facial wrinkles are smoothed out;

- puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are eliminated;

- tense facial muscles get relaxed;

- blood circulation and lymphatic circulation are improved;

- toxins, impurities and dead skin cells are removed.

How often should a facial massage be performed?

For a good result, a professional facial massage should be performed 1-2 times a week. The recommended course of massage is 7-10 sessions. If necessary, it is possible to repeat the course in 1-2 months.

The contraindications include:

- Cancer.

- Acute inflammatory processes on the face.

- Infectious diseases, fever.

- Diseases of the circulatory or lymphatic system.

- Dermatoses (skin diseases).

- Herpes or acne in the acute stage.

- Skin integrity disorders (wounds, abrasions).

- Recent injecting procedures or surgery in the face and neck area.



Facial massage

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Facial massage

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Facial massage

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Facial massage

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Facial massage in Kiev in cosmetology clinics «Excellence» is designed to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin, reduce the severity of wrinkles, shape facial contours, remove toxins, as well as improve blood circulation and lymph flow.

A professional massage for the face should be performed only by a qualified specialist. The experienced beauticians MCC Excellence perform an accurate diagnosis of the skin, check for contraindications and select individually for each patient the most effective methods of action and cosmetic means. We guarantee that the procedures will be most effective, comfortable and painless.



Cost, UAH


45 min.Ultrasonic cleaning 520
60 min.Ultrasonic cleaning back 570
60 minMechanical facial cleaning 570
60 min.Mechanical men's face cleaning 640
90 minMechanical back cleanse 650
60 min.Combined face cleansing 670
60 min.Combined men's facial cleanse 740
90 min.Combined Scrubbing Back Cleanse 770
90 min.Combined face cleansing + decollete 770
60 min.Cleanse + Peeling PRX-T33 2200
90 min.Face cleansing Is clinical1850


20 min.Scalp/Facial cryomassage 360
30 min.Back CryoMassage 430
20 min.Gluteal cryomassage 360
45 min.Lymphatic drainage and plastic massage, face 550
60 min.Modelling chiromassage, face+decollete 660


60 min.O2 LIFT Facial Care (Image, USA) 1490
60 min. Facial Care Fire and Ice (IS CLINICAL,USA)1520
60 min. Facial Care POWER C (Skeyndor, Spain)1520
60 min. Facial Care POWER Hyaluronic (Skeyndor, Spain)1520
60 min.Facial Care AQUATHERM LINE, (Skeyndor, Spain)1520
60 min.Facial Care CORRECTIVE, (Skeyndor, Spain)2000


30 min.Azelaic peeling, (Simildiet, Spain) 800
30 min.Azelaic peeling, (back) (Simildiet, Spain) 970
30 min.Almond peeling, (Simildiet, Spain) 800
30 min.Ferule peeling, face, (Simildiet, Spain) 800
30 min.Salicylic almond peeling (face) (Simildiet, Spain) 800
30 min.Salicylic almond peeling Sama (back) (Simildiet, Spain) 1010
30 min.Chemical peeling as a part of the procedure - azelaic/almond/ferule620
30 min.SKIN RECOVERY peeling (INNO aestetic, Spain) 930
30 min.T.C.Age Mg-35 peeling (INNOaestetic, Spain)  1600
35 min.Peeling PRX-T33 (WiQo, Italy)  2000
35 min.Peeling PRX - T33+ dermoscope (face)  2850
30 min.BioRePeel peeling (CMed Aesthetics, Italy)  1900
45 min.Bleaching peeling, (INNO/Simildiet, Spain)  1650
45 min.VCARBON system carbon peeling (Promoitalia, Italy)  1500
45 min.Intimate Peeling (Meline, Spain)  1200
60 min.Signature peeling (Image, USA)  1400

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