Callus removal

Удаление мозолей

Too tight, uncomfortable, or low-quality shoes can cause corn. They differ from corn in that they are not just located on the surface of the foot and have a root that goes deep into the skin. And to the aesthetic problems associated with pain when walking, which can change the gait, provoking the incorrect distribution of the load on the joints.

The solution - removal of corn in Kiev in the medical center Excellence with the method of drilling core corns. Removal is carried out in several stages. First, using a special nozzle gently, without damaging healthy skin, the root is drilled out, and then medications are put into the resulting cavity and a bandage is applied.



are benign neoplasms, the cause of which is the human papilloma virus (HPV). They can appear on various parts of the body, including the feet. MCC Excellence uses one of the most popular and effective methods for removing warts - cryosurgery. It involves applying liquid nitrogen to the damaged area. Liquid nitrogen freezes warts and destroys them. Most often, in order to get rid of a wart, several sessions are required.



Callus removal

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Callus removal

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Callus removal

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Callus removal

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If you need a professional, experienced, attentive podiatrist in Kiev, we invite you to our Excellence. We do not disguise, but solve any foot problems! a

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Cost, UAH


15 min.Treatment before wart removal  200
15 min.Nail treatment  300
60 min.Nail treatment one area (5 fingers)  700
15 min.Inflammatory process treatment  250
40 min.Removal of ingrown nail, difficulty 1-2  500-600
60 min.Placement of the staple  1500
60 min.Titanium suture placement  1500
60 min.Nail plate replacement, partial  400
15 min.Heel cracks, treatment, 1 pc.  200
60 min.Heel cracks, treatment + cure, 1 pc.  500
15 min.Calf corns, keratosis, treatment - 1 pc  300-400
15 min.Root/core corns, as a part of treatment  200
30 min.Root/core/subcutaneous corns, 1 pc.  300-400
30 min.Wart treatment  350
15 min.Tamponade/patch 150
15 min.Tamponade NaGel  300
15 min.Taping  200-350
15 min.Prophylactic insoles  150
30 min.Onychogryphosis (claw removal)  650
15 min.Foot applicator (2 feet)  300
15 min.Bandage  150


45 min.Pedicure medical hardware, partial  600
90 min.Medical instrumented pedicure  800
120 min.Medical instrumented pedicure, complex  900


15 min.Podologist consultation as a part of the procedure  300
30 min.Podologist consultation  200
5 min.Supervision/correction  200
Anesthesia (Ultracaine, Artifrine, Lidocaine)  150

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