Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Treatment for Hyperhidrosis


Sweating is a natural response to certain conditions, such as warm weather, physical activity, stress, fear, or anger. When you have hyperhidrosis, you sweat more than usual for no apparent reason. Excessive sweating associated with hyperhidrosis is usually most active on the hands, feet, armpits, under the breasts and groin area because of the relatively high concentration of sweat glands in these areas.

The symptoms of hyperhidrosis:
- Sticky or moist palms.
- Sticky or moist soles of the feet.
- Frequent sweating for no objective reason.
- Visible sweating that seeps through clothing.
In some cases, the symptoms of hyperhidrosis are so severe that they cause embarrassment, discomfort and anxiety. It can affect work, leisure activities, personal relationships, self-esteem, and emotional well-being.
The biggest problem in treating hyperhidrosis is the significant number of people who do not seek medical help, either because of the embarrassment or because they do not know that there is an effective treatment. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat the symptoms.
One of the most effective treatments for hyperhidrosis is intramuscular injections of botulinum toxin A in the area where the sweat glands are localized.

Areas of application:
- feet;
- palms;
- armpit area;
- inguinal area;
- the area under the breasts.
The injections block the nerve receptors that trigger the sweat glands.
RESULT: sweating in the injection area is eliminated for 4-6 months. Patients observe the first changes after 3-5 days, and the maximum effect is achieved after 2 weeks. Over time, the activity of the sweat glands resumes. To maintain the result, the procedure can be repeated up to 3 times a year.


Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

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Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

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Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

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Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

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At the consultation, the doctor will conduct a Minor (iodine-starch test to identify areas of excessive sweating) test and ask about the nature of sweating (in which areas it occurs, how often episodes of excessive sweating recur, whether the patient sweats at bedtime, etc.). Before prescribing the procedure, it is important to establish whether there may be any comorbidities that cause hyperhidrosis (overactive thyroid gland, hypoglycemia, menopause, diabetes, etc.).
Throughout the recovery period, be sure to follow all the recommendations of the specialist who conducted the procedure.

The contraindications
Excellence Dermatology Clinic dermatologists do not prescribe the procedure in the following cases:
— Pregnancy.
— Lactation.
— Cancer.
— Infectious diseases.
— Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
— Inflammatory processes on the skin in the area of the supposed injection.
— Allergy to components of the drug.
Hyperhidrosis treatment in Excellence is a safe and effective procedure. Our specialists use only certified products, take all safety measures and prescribe procedures according to the individual characteristics and wishes of each patient.




Cost, UAH


30 min.Filler Vit - OX/B/R (Italfarmacia, Italy)2200
Mesotherapy Redness ID (INNO Spain)  1800
30 min.Mesobotox face (Allergan, USA)3800
30 min.Mesobotox neck (Allergan, USA)4800


60 min.TWAC eyes (Medhome, UK)  3300


45 min.Chemical liposuction (INNO Spain)  1800
45 min.Mesotherapy Face Nade (INNO Spain) - 2,5 ml2000
60 min.Hyaluronidase / Collagenase (PB Serum, Spain) - 5 ml  1500
60 min.Hyaluronidase + Collagenase (PB Serum, Spain) - 10 ml  2000
60 min.Enzymatic lipolysis "TRIADA (PB Serum, Spain) - 15 ml  3000


45 min.Hair scalp mesotherapy Hair/Dermaheal (Spain/Korea)  1800
45 min.Hair scalp mesotherapy Hair (INNO Spain)  2500
45 min.DR.CYJ Hair Filler 1 ml3900
45 min.Hair Bio Activator Filler 1 ml2700
60 min.Scalp mesotherapy, 1 Plasmolifting™ tube  1800


60 min.Plinest (Mastelli, Spain) - 2 ml4900
60 min.Ialest (Mastelli, Spain) - 2 ml4000
60 min.TWAC 2.0 (Medhome, UK)  5500
60 min.TWAC 3.0 (Medhome, UK)  6000
60 min.Juvederm Volite (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  6000


Botox injections (Allergan, USA)

15 min.Forehead - female/male2100-2500
15 min.Interbrow - female/male  2100-2500
15 min.Eyes (crow's feet) - female/male  2100-2500
15 min.Rabbit wrinkles  from 1000
15 min.Nose wings  from 1000
15 min.Gingival smile  from 1000
15 min.Kitic wrinkles  from 1000
15 min.Corner of the mouth  from 1000
15 min.Chin  from 1500
30 min.Nefertiti elevator (neck)  from 5500
30 min.Chewing mishna/bruxism elimination  from 4500
30 min.Botox injections, treatment of hyperhidrosis  7500



60 min.Juvederm 2 (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  4100
60 min.Juvederm Smile (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  3900
60 min.Juvederm 3 (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  5000
60 min.Juvederm Volift Retouch (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  4100
60 min.Juvederm Volift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  7000
60 min.Juvederm Voluma (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7300


60 min.Juvederm Vollift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  4100
60 min.Juvederm Volbella (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Juvederm Volift Retouch (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  7000


60 min.Juvederm Vollift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7000
60 min.Juvederm Voluma (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  7300
60 min.Juvederm Volux (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  7300


60 min.Juvederm 2 (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  4100


60 min.HArmonyCA 1.25ml10000
60 min.Reversal liquid threads 1 ml   2800
60 min.Reversal 4 ml.  7500
60 min.Reversal liquid threads 9 ml  13000
60 min.3D Lifting Mono 10 pcs.  6000
60 min.3D Lifting Twin 10 pieces  6000
60 min.3D Lifting with notches, 2 pieces.  3500


60 min.Any area, 1 tube Plasmolifting™  1800

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