Facial cleansing Kiev

Facial cleansing


Groomed skin — the ornament of every girl and woman. But what should you do if you cannot admire beautiful skin due to blackheads, greasy feeling or enlarged and clogged pores?

The causes of skin problems are numerous. Here are the most common:
- Inadequate skin care.
- Frequent stress.
- Lack of sleep.
- Unhealthy habits.
- Unbalanced diet.
- Exposure to environmental factors (prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind,

Exposure to environmental factors (prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, frost).

All these factors make the skin more sensitive and traumatize it.

Scaling, itching, redness, acne.

Professional facial cleaning Kiev at MCC Excellence is an effective way to remove dead cells, blackheads and other impurities from the skin. If you dream about a flawless look and condition of your face, fresh, supple and smooth skin, entrust its care to the real experts in beauty care!

Facial cleansing is recommended for all skin types and is designed to:
- skin cleansing.
- removal of oily sheen.
- reduction of puffiness, redness.
- removal and prevention of blackheads.
- cleansing and narrowing of pores.
- reduction and prevention of hyperpigmentation.
- more rapid recovery of the skin appearance after other cosmetic procedures.

Dermatologists of MCC Excellence recommend cosmetic cleaning by indications, depending on the condition of the skin, but no more than once every two weeks. Skin cleansing is indicated for both women and men and teenagers and is carried out for patients with any skin type at any time of year.

According to the method of facial cleansing can be:

- mechanical.
- ultrasound.
- combined.
- Dunne cleansing.
- Dunne deep cleansing.

Mechanical facial cleansing in Excellence clinics is a classic, time-tested cosmetic procedure. During the session, impurities are removed from the skin mechanically, pores and blackheads are cleared away, and the relief is smoothed out. Sebaceous columns are squeezed out with a special loop - a spoon-uno. The results are noticeable after the first procedure: the skin becomes cleaner and fresher.

Ultrasonic cleaning of your face is a deep cleansing of pores with ultrasonic waves without squeezing the skin. This is a completely safe procedure that is suitable for both normal and sensitive or problematic, prone to acne skin. Ultrasonic waves open pores and remove excess fat and impurities. During the ultrasonic cleaning, performed with a modern ultrasound machine, deep cleanses pores, improves skin metabolism, wrinkles are reduced, provides deep moisture and nutrition of the skin, activates the regeneration process. Ultrasonic cleaning in Excellence Clinics is an excellent preliminary procedure prior to any other skin care procedure.

Atraumatic face cleaning Danne Kiev is a gentle but highly effective procedure, during which the upper layer of derma is not damaged. During Danne procedure cosmetologists of Excellence Clinics use special cosmetics with plant extracts, which contain neither fragrances, nor preservatives, which prevent allergic reactions. Danne cosmetics consist of cleansing, anti-inflammatory, toning and matting components.

Pore Reduction Plus - serum to reduce and narrow pores.
Beta gel - improves cellular immunity and barrier functions of the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and synthesis of new collagen fibers.
Epitoxyl detoxifies the skin.
After the sessions the relief and color of the skin improves, it becomes smooth, soft and velvety. Dunne cleansing promotes collagen and elastin production, eliminates pigment spots, scars, stretch marks and traces of acne. The skin becomes smoother, more radiant and firmer.

Facial cleansing
Combined cleansing of the face is an effective and painless procedure, after which the skin becomes smooth and healthy. During acne treatment the timely and properly performed cleaning will speed up the process of getting rid of acne. For maximum effect after the facial cleansing, you should always follow the recommendations of the dermatologist, who conducted the procedure.

The procedure is multi-component and is performed in several stages:
- Washing with a cleanser.
- Expansion of pores with an evaporating gel.
- Cleansing the skin mechanically, using ultrasound or a combined method.
- Treating the skin with an antiseptic or anti-inflammatory agent.
- The final stage is intensive moisturizing and nourishing of the skin with individually selected products, which are very easily absorbed by the skin after the procedure.

Why do I have a facial?

The results of the procedure are:
- Improving oxygen circulation in the upper layers of the skin.
- Removal of comedones and dead cells.
- Cleansing and narrowing of pores.
- Activation of the process of regeneration of the skin.
- The skin becomes radiant, firm and elastic.
- Returns a healthy complexion.

- Pregnancy.
- Onco-diseases.
- Inflammatory processes.
- Infectious diseases.
- Serious problems with the cardiovascular system.
- Individual intolerance to the components used.



Facial cleansing

Medical license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Facial cleansing

Experienced doctors and specialists

Facial cleansing

Certified products

Facial cleansing

Professional equipment

Complex cleansing of the face in Excellence Clinics is performed by experienced cosmetologists using specially developed programs and professional cosmetic products and equipment. Entrust your health and beauty to qualified specialists!





45 min.Ultrasonic cleaning 500 UAH
60 min.Ultrasonic cleaning back 550 UAH
60 minMechanical facial cleaning 550 UAH
60 min.Mechanical men's face cleaning 620 UAH
90 minMechanical back cleanse 630 UAH
60 min.Combined face cleansing 650 UAH
60 min.Combined men's facial cleanse 720 UAH
90 min.Combined Scrubbing Back Cleanse 750 UAH
90 min.Combined face cleansing + decollete 750 UAH
60 min.Combined Face Cleanse according to DANNE 1250 UAH
90 min.Combined deep cleansing according to DANNE 1370 UAH
60 min.Cleanse + Peeling PRX-T33 2150 UAH


20 min.Scalp/Facial cryomassage 350 UAH
30 min.Back CryoMassage 420 UAH
20 min.Gluteal cryomassage 350 UAH
45 min.Lymphatic drainage and plastic massage, face 530 UAH
60 min.Modelling chiromassage, face+decollete 550 UAH


60 min.Facial monodies care for skin type, (Camara, Spain) 1470 UAH
60 min.Fermentotherapy with # 1 face mask, (DANNE, USA) 1050 UAH
60 min.Fermentotherapy with mask No.1 and No.2 face, (DANNE, USA) 1260 UAH
60 min.Fermentotherapy with # 1 and #2 mask face and decollete, (DANNE, USA) 2000 UAH
60 min.Care "Mother of the bride" with Quick Peel and mask # 1, face (DANNE, USA) 1150 UAH
60 min.Triple face mask (DANNE, USA) 1420 UAH
60 min.O2 LIFT Facial Care (Image, USA) 1470 UAH


30 min.Azelaic peeling, (Simildiet, Spain) 750 UAH
30 min.Almond peeling, (Simildiet, Spain) 690 UAH
30 min.Milk peeling 40% (TOSKANI, Spain) 690 UAH
30 min.Ferule peeling, face, (Simildiet, Spain) 690 UAH
30 min.Salicylic almond peeling (face) (Simildiet, Spain) 750 UAH
30 min.Salicylic almond peeling Sama (back) (Simildiet, Spain) 950 UAH
30 min.SKIN RECOVERY peeling (INNO aestetic, Spain) 900 UAH
30 min.QUIK PEEL peeling (DANNE, USA) 690 UAH
30 min.TCA peel Security peel (TOSKANI, Spain) 1600 UAH
30 min.TCA peel Security peel - SPIN 1900 UAH
30 min.T.C.Age Mg-35 peeling (INNOaestetic, Spain)  1600 UAH
35 min.Peeling PRX-T33 (WiQo, Italy)  1900 UAH
35 min.Peeling PRX - T33+ dermoscope (face)  2700 UAH
30 min.BioRePeel peeling (CMed Aesthetics, Italy)  1700 UAH
45 min.Bleaching peeling, (INNO/Simildiet, Spain)  1600 UAH
45 min.VCARBON system carbon peeling (Promoitalia, Italy)  1470 UAH
45 min.Intimate Peeling (Meline, Spain)  1200 UAH
60 min.Signature peeling (Image, USA)  1370 UAH

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