Medical hardware pedicure

Медицинский аппаратный педикюр

A traditional cosmetic pedicure can give your feet a nice, well-groomed look. But it solves only aesthetic problems, not medical ones.
A hygienic pedicure can only mask defects for a while, but not eliminate their causes.
Medical hardware pedicure is a therapeutic procedure aimed at prevention and elimination of various problems of nails and feet. This pedicure is performed using a special apparatus with many nozzles to treat the nails, nail rolls and feet.


Medical pedicure Kiev clinics Excellence provides medical pedicure by qualified podiatrists in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic norms. During the procedure, only disposable heads with varying degrees of abrasiveness are used, as well as medicines and care products recommended for each particular problem.



Medical hardware pedicure

Medical license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Medical hardware pedicure

Experienced doctors and specialists

Medical hardware pedicure

Certified products

Medical hardware pedicure

Professional equipment

If you need a professional, experienced, attentive podiatrist in Kiev, we invite you to our Excellence. We don’t disguise, but solve any foot problems!



Cost, UAH


15 min.Treatment before wart removal  130
15 min.Nail treatment  200
60 min.Nail treatment one area (5 fingers)  600
15 min.Inflammatory process treatment  210
40 min.Removal of ingrown nail, difficulty 1-2  400-500
60 min.Placement of the staple  1360
60 min.Titanium suture placement  1360
60 min.Nail plate replacement, partial  360
15 min.Heel cracks, treatment, 1 pc.  150
60 min.Heel cracks, treatment + cure, 1 pc.  460
15 min.Calf corns, keratosis, treatment - 1 pc  180-260
15 min.Root/core corns, as a part of treatment  160
30 min.Root/core/subcutaneous corns, 1 pc.  280-360
30 min.Wart treatment  300
15 min.Tamponade/patch 120
15 min.Tamponade NaGel  260
15 min.Taping  160-290
15 min.Prophylactic insoles  100
30 min.Onychogryphosis (claw removal)  620
15 min.Foot applicator (2 feet)  290
15 min.Bandage  150


45 min.Pedicure medical hardware, partial  500
90 min.Medical instrumented pedicure  630
120 min.Medical instrumented pedicure, complex  690


15 min.Podologist consultation as a part of the procedure  200
30 min.Podologist consultation  300
5 min.Supervision/correction  200
Anesthesia (Ultracaine, Artifrine, Lidocaine)  100

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