Cheekbone and chin correction

Коррекция скул и подбородка


An indicator of a youthful and beautiful face is not only the absence of wrinkles, but also healthy, firm, taut, elastic skin and clear contours. The chin and cheekbones form what is known as the beauty triangle, or the triangle of youth. It is characterized by high and firm cheekbones and a pointed chin. As a result of aging the skin loses moisture and elasticity, becomes thin, begins to sag, and the face loses volume and contours.
Contour plastic surgery is an effective, reliable and safe way to shape and clarify the lines of the chin and cheekbones and give back an attractive V-shape to your face. The correction of cheekbones and chin with fillers based on hyaluronic acid will help restore lost volume. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced in our skin but with age its production decreases which leads to skin flabbiness and loss of volume and elasticity.
Dermal fillers replenish skin tissue volume, correct medium to deep wrinkles, create a non-surgical facelift, and stimulate the production of your own collagen production.

The indications:
- Asymmetry.
- Loss of volume in the cheekbone area.
- Blurred facial contours.
- Sagging skin on the cheeks and chin.
- Flabby[no comma] and inelastic skin.
Your dermatologist will evaluate your skin condition, select the appropriate medication and dosage, and provide the recommendations regarding your recovery period, in order to achieve some long, visible and lasting results of the procedure.

The results include:
- Restoration of the volume of cheeks and cheekbones.
- Correction of the chin.
- Clarification of the facial oval.
- Moisturization, smoothing and tightening of the skin.
- Harmonious appearance.
The results can be evaluated immediately after the session, but the maximum effect is achieved within two weeks. In 6-12 months after the procedure, fillers are absorbed and excreted naturally. The duration varies from 6 to 12 months and it depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the patient's lifestyle (e.g., unhealthy habits and excessive exposure to sunlight can shorten the effect of the medicine).



Cheekbone and chin correction

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Cheekbone and chin correction

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Cheekbone and chin correction

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Cheekbone and chin correction

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The contraindications:
— Pregnancy.
— Lactation.
— Oncological diseases.
— Inflammatory processes on the skin at the site of the proposed injection.
— Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
— Infectious diseases.
— Blood clotting disorders.
— Allergies to some components of preparations.
Correction of cheekbones and chin with fillers at Excellence will restore your beauty triangle and make you look young and beautiful again. In our clinics, the injection procedures are performed by our experienced, qualified specialists using certified, high-quality products of world-famous brands, so the session will be as comfortable and safe as possible, and the result will be natural and long lasting.




Cost, UAH


30 min.Filler Vit - OX/B/R (Italfarmacia, Italy)1900
30 min.Mesobotox face (Allergan, USA)3500
30 min.Mesobotox neck (Allergan, USA)4500


30 min.Eye area mesotherapy ECPR (Toskani, Spain)  1050
60 min.TWAC eyes (Medhome, UK)  3100


45 min.Chemical liposuction, second chin with DMAE (INNO Spain)  1000
45 min.Chemical Liposuction, body (INNO, Spain)  2500
60 min.Hyaluronidase / Collagenase (PB Serum, Spain) - 5 ml  1200
60 min.Hyaluronidase + Collagenase (PB Serum, Spain) - 10 ml  1800
60 min.Enzymatic lipolysis "TRIADA (PB Serum, Spain) - 15 ml  2800


45 min.Hair scalp mesotherapy Hair/Dermaheal (Spain/Korea)  1350
45 min.DR.CYJ Hair Filler 1 ml3200
45 min.Hair Bio Activator Filler 1 ml2200
60 min.Scalp mesotherapy, 1 Plasmolifting™ tube  1700


60 min.Plenhyage XL (Bioformula, Italy)4900
60 min.TWAC 2.0 (Medhome, UK)  4700
60 min.TWAC 3.0 (Medhome, UK)  4800
60 min.Juvederm Volite (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  6000


Botox injections (Allergan, USA)

15 min.Forehead   2000
15 min.Interbrow  2000
15 min.Eyes (crow's feet)  2000
15 min.Rabbit wrinkles  from 1000
15 min.Nose wings  from 1000
15 min.Gingival smile  from 1000
15 min.Kitic wrinkles  from 1000
15 min.Corner of the mouth  from 1000
15 min.Chin  from 1500
30 min.Nefertiti elevator (neck)  from 5500
30 min.Chewing mishna/bruxism elimination  from 4500
30 min.Dysport injections (Ipsen, France), treatment of hyperhidrosis  7500



60 min.Juvederm 2 (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  4000
60 min.Juvederm Smile (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  3700
60 min.Juvederm 3 (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  4900
60 min.Juvederm Volift Retouch (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  4000
60 min.Juvederm Volift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  6700
60 min.Juvederm Voluma (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  6700
60 min.Restylane (Sweden) - 1 ml  7000


60 min.Juvederm Vollift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  6700
60 min.Juvederm Volbella (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  6700
60 min.Juvederm Volift Retouch (Allergan, USA) - 0.55 ml  4000


60 min.Juvederm Vollift (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  6700
60 min.Juvederm Voluma (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml.  6700
60 min.Juvederm Volux (Allergan, USA) - 1 ml  7000


60 min.Juvederm 2 (Allergan, USA) - 0,55 ml  4000


60 min.Reversal liquid threads 1 ml   1800
60 min.Reversal 4 ml.  5700
60 min.Reversal liquid threads 9 ml  9000
60 min.3D Lifting Mono 10 pcs.  3600
60 min.3D Lifting Twin 10 pieces  5600
60 min.3D Lifting with notches, 2 pieces.  3100


60 min.Any area, 1 tube Plasmolifting™  1700

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