Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE diode laser system: vacuum laser hair removal with pleasure in Kiev

The rules of preparing for laser hair removal procedure:
- It is not recommended to visit tanning salon or sunbathe 10-14 days before epilation.
- the day before visiting the clinic it is necessary to shave hair in the hair removal zone (except face).
- The day before the procedure can not use creams, oils or sprays in the epilation area to avoid overheating or burning of the skin.

In response to the constantly growing need of people for unwanted hair removal it is especially important for the Excellence chain of clinics in Kiev to provide excellent results for a variety of patients. And if we speak about types of laser equipment, it is necessary to note that it is difficult to surpass diode lasers Lumenis LightSheer (USA). LightSheer DESIRE is an innovative hair removal system from the leader in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology - the company Lumenis. The DESIRE model provides unsurpassed safety and efficiency, reliability and ease of use.

Excellence clinics network offers three laser hair removal devices: diode laser and alexandrite laser.

Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE diode laser system: vacuum laser hair removal with pleasure in Kiev

Design features of the LightSheer DESIRE laser

LightSheer DESIRE is the most modern diode laser for hair removal. Its main difference from its predecessors, the laser devices of legendary LightSheer line, is availability of handles with different diameter of working spot (ET and HS). They allow to choose maximum comfortable and effective hair removal mode individually for each patient depending on skin type and area of the treated body or face area. Innovative patented technologies ChillTip and High Speed (contact sapphire cooling and vacuum amplification) provide fast, safe, comfortable and excellent results of the procedure.


The benefits of diode laser hair removal:
- Efficiency. The wavelength of 805 nm diode laser provides deep penetration and excellent melanin absorption. The result of a course of diode laser hair removal is a soft and smooth skin.
- Safety. Lumenis LightSheer DESIRE is a safe device, especially if the procedure is performed by experienced, qualified specialists of the Excellence Clinics. Our beauticians are thoroughly trained to work with all laser devices, including the LightSheer DESIRE, and take all necessary precautions to ensure patient safety during the procedure.
- Painlessness and comfort. The LightSheer DESIRE has special cooling technology that helps prevent pain during epilation. The patented ChillTip provides continuous contact cooling of the epidermis to protect against burns and maximize patient comfort.
- Versatility. Diode laser hair removal allows getting rid of unwanted hair in various parts of the body, including sensitive areas and areas requiring the highest precision (face, arms, legs, back, abdomen, chest, deep bikini, buttocks).
- Speed. Fast treatment speed with different application areas (9 x 9 mm, 12 x 12 mm, 22 x 35 m) for short session times. The HS vacuum module requires no contact cooling and reduces treatment time.

How the procedure is carried out:

Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE diode laser system: vacuum laser hair removal with pleasure in KievAt Excellence Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology Clinic on Koltsova Boulevard diode laser hair removal for people is carried out step by step:

- Consultation of a specialist, determining the phototype and features of the patient's skin.

- Since some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, local anesthesia may be used if desired.

- Removal of unwanted hair with the Lumenis LightSheer DESIRE diode laser.

- Application of a soothing agent to the skin.

Laser hair removal Lumenis LightSheer DESIRE is well tolerated by clients of our clinic and does not cause discomfort. All the patients of MCC Excellence in the Residential Complex "Parkoviy", Residential Complex "Venice", Residential Complex "Sofiya" note that this procedure is much more convenient and painless than traditional methods of getting rid of unwanted hair.



Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE diode laser system: vacuum laser hair removal with pleasure in Kiev

Medical license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE diode laser system: vacuum laser hair removal with pleasure in Kiev

Experienced doctors and specialists

Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE diode laser system: vacuum laser hair removal with pleasure in Kiev

Certified products

Lumenis Lightsheer DESIRE diode laser system: vacuum laser hair removal with pleasure in Kiev

Professional equipment

The appearance of the depilated area immediately after the session depends on the treated zone and skin type, so it will differ from patient to patient. Side effects, if any, are minor. They may include redness and swelling around the hair follicles, which is the desired clinical outcome and indicates that the follicles have responded to the treatment.

Proper preparation for laser hair removal and following all your cosmetologist's recommendations during the recovery period is the key to achieving maximum results!

Before the session:
- Do not sunbathe or visit a tanning bed for 2 weeks before laser hair removal.
- Not to remove hair with depilatories, wax or tweezers 3 weeks before the procedure.
- Hair in the hair removal areas should be shaved not later than the day before the procedure.
- Avoid using cosmetic products (oils, creams, lotions, etc.) for 2-3 days before hair removal to protect skin from overheating.

After laser hair removal:
- Use soothing and moisturizing products to avoid skin irritation, redness and dryness.
- Do not sunbathe in a solarium or on a beach within two weeks.
- Do not visit a bathhouse or sauna for 2-3 days.
- Within a few days, you should avoid physical activities and sports.
- Avoid direct sunlight, use sunscreens with SPF-30 or higher.

- Pregnancy.
- Lactation.
- Oncological diseases (remission less than 5 years).
- Insulin dependent diabetes.
- Taking antibiotics of the group tetracycline and fluoroquinolone.
- Acute infectious diseases (including herpes).
- Presence of a pacemaker.
- Epilepsy.
- Skin lesions or dermatological diseases in the waxing area.
- A fresh tan (less than two weeks).
- An abundance of nevi in the epilation area requires special attention of a specialist. In some cases, the procedure may be contraindicated.

The excellent reputation of the diode laser system manufacturer Lumenis LightSheer DESIRE, as well as the excellence of Excellence Clinic specialists ensure excellent results. Diode laser hair removal is an effective, permanent, fast, painless and comfortable method of removing unwanted hair.

 LASER HAIR REMOVAL Alexandrite laser DEKA Motus AX MOVEODiode laser hair removal Lumenis Light Sheer DUET/DESIREDiode laser hair removal
Lumenis Light Sheer ET
Addresses of clinics 19/14 Williams St., Teremki 219/14 Williams St., Teremki 2

14B Koltsova Blvd.


10 min.Upper lip 250 UAH-120 UAH
10 min.Chin, complexity 1-3 250-430 UAH150 - 199 UAH120 - 290 UAH
20 min.Face 800 UAH-460 UAH
10 min.Eyebrow (female) 150 UAH-100 UAH
10 min.Interbrow bone marrow (man) 210 UAH-140 UAH
10 min.temples 200 UAH-130 UAH
20 min.Occiput (neck) 350 UAH240 UAH200 UAH
15 min.Cheeks 300 UAH165 UAH165 UAH
20 min.Cheeks (including temples) 400 UAH-265 UAH


10 min.Armpit area (women) 380 UAH260 UAH220 UAH
10 min.Armpit area (man) 500 UAH495 UAH290 UAH
20 min.Arms partially (woman) 570 UAH450 UAH380 UAH
20 min.Arms partially (man) 700 UAH600 UAH450 UAH
30 min.Arms completely (woman) 815 UAH660 UAH550 UAH
30 min.Arms completely (man) 950 UAH750 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Shoulders (woman) 430 UAH350 UAH290 UAH
20 min.Shoulders (man) 650 UAH500 UAH370 UAH


10 min.Cleavage area 250 UAH200 UAH165 UAH
10 min.Breast aureole 180 UAH-100 UAH
10 min.White line of abdomen, difficulties 1-3 280-350-430 UAH240 UAH155 - 290 UAH
20 min.Chest (male) 750 UAH550 UAH450 UAH
20 min.Abdomen (male) 900 UAH650 UAH530 UAH
10 min.Torso, difficulty 1-3 360-480 UAH390 UAH240 - 320 UAH
40 min.Back partially (man) 1200 UAH800 UAH660 UAH
40 min.Full back (man) 1500 UAH1200 UAH910 UAH


10 min.Pubic area (woman) 500 UAH350 UAH290 UAH
15 min.Pubic area (men) 700 UAH450 UAH370 UAH
10 min.Additional bikini (upper labia + intercalcaneal fold) 600 UAH400 UAH330 UAH
20 min.Bikini line panties 650 UAH470 UAH390 UAH
20 min.Partial bikini 800 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
20 min.Deep bikini (women) 1100 UAH720 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Deep bikini (men) 1200 UAH840 UAH700 UAH
10 min.Intertrochanteric fold 400 UAH240 UAH200 UAH


10 min.Toes 150 UAH-80 UAH
10 min.Knees 120 UAH-80 UAH
20 min.Calves 750 UAH530 UAH440 UAH
30 min.Calves (including knees) 870 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
20 min.Thighs partially 550 UAH420 UAH350 UAH
30 min.Hips 950 UAH720 UAH600 UAH
20 min.Buttocks (woman) 650 UAH500 UAH420 UAH
20 min.Buttocks (man) 900 UAH600 UAH500 UAH
60 min.Legs completely (woman) 1750 UAH1350 UAH1100 UAH
60 min.Complete legs (man) 2500 UAH1600 UAH1320 UAH
*The time of the procedure is approximate and may differ from the actual procedure provided
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