Cosmetology / Facial cleansingProfessional facial and body cosmetology at Excellence.

Modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology have in their arsenal a number of powerful tools for effective problem solving associated with appearance defects and elimination of the manifestations of age-related changes in the skin. The network of Excellence medical and cosmetology centers in Kiev uses advanced technologies for face and body correction and skin rejuvenation, which were developed on the basis of innovative scientific advances.

The most popular and effective methods of face and body care that the Dermatology and cosmetology doctors of our Center of Aesthetic Medicine use in their work are:

New and proven technologies that are highly effective, have no side effects and are approved in Ukraine;

Modern equipment allowing to correct the existing defects of skin surface;

Positive experience of foreign and native specialists, practicing the newest methods in the sphere of cosmetology;

Certified products, characterized by safety, high efficiency and hypoallergenic properties.

Today, the most popular and widespread methods used by specialists of Excellence network are:

Combined cleansing of the face;

Superficial and middle peeling;

Procedures on American Cosmetics Danne;

Care procedures on Spanish Casmara cosmetics.

How the combined face cleansing is carried out

The skin must be prepared for the procedure. The first step of this preparation is washing the skin. This stage is important for the quick healing of the subsequent damage during the procedure, and it is carried out by using steaming (warming) gel, which helps to open pores and easier emptying of the elements. Actually, the main part of the procedure is performed with the fingers of a specialist and special auxiliary tools. After cleansing, the skin is treated with an antiseptic or anti-inflammatory agent. As the final step, depending on the type and condition of the skin, finishing masks may be applied, i.e. moisturizing and soothing applications, and in some cases some elements may be spot treated with drying lotions.

Often facial cleansing is easily tolerated, all the elements that have been treated quickly heal, and the skin does become clearer and healthier. During the treatment of acne, a timely and properly performed cleansing will greatly accelerate the process of healing from it.

Cosmetic cleansing should be done on prescription, depending on the condition of the skin, but not more often than once every 1-2 weeks. It is very good to combine the cleaning with superficial peels, microdermabrasion, microcurrent therapy, various masks and serums, lymph drainage and therapeutic massages.

Chemical peeling in the excellence clinic

The essence of the method lies in the fact that the active components penetrate into the skin layers, stimulate peeling of keratinized cells, start elastin and collagen biosynthesis, and activate tissue regeneration. Depending on the depth and degree of penetration of chemicals, the peels are divided into the following types:

Superficial peels.

Preparations are made on the basis of almond acid, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. They are mainly used for bleaching the skin, smoothing its relief and removing minor defects.

Midline peels.

They have a combined composition and are used to fight pigmentation and expression lines. Under their influence, the processes of renewal and collagen fibers production are started, and the skin becomes elastic and firm.

Deep peels.

They are made on the basis of pyruvic or trichloroacetic acid. They are used to eliminate age-related manifestations, completely eliminate pigmentation and achieve a pronounced rejuvenating effect.

The duration of the procedures varies from 10 to 40 minutes.

What are the contraindications to chemical peels?


Allergic reaction to any component of the product;

Cancer diseases;



Acute exacerbation of acute respiratory infections and some others.

The advantages of MCC Excellence

Our specialists focus on maximum use of minimally invasive technologies that have already become an effective substitute for most methods of plastic surgery. Most procedures are absolutely painless, and for the most sensitive patients they perform anesthesia beforehand. In addition, the procedure does not require a long period of rehabilitation and has a minimum of contraindications.

Another important point is the high efficiency of the medical and cosmetic procedures, which becomes noticeable after the first sessions.

Among other advantages of the "Excellence" network of cosmetology centers are:

Highly qualified cosmetologists and other specialized professionals;

A wide range of services;

The rooms provided with modern and certified equipment and everything necessary for quality procedures. Professional Beauty face and body in the clinic "Excellence" is a combination of effective procedures, a high level of comfort, quality assurance, and affordable prices.



Cost, UAH


60 minMechanical facial cleaning 600
60 min.Mechanical men's face cleaning 700
90 minMechanical back cleanse 800
60 min.Combined face cleansing 700
90 min.Combined face cleansing difficult1400
60 min.Combined men's facial cleanse 770
90 min.Combined Scrubbing Back Cleanse 800
90 min.Combined face cleansing + decollete 850
60 min.Cleanse + Peeling PRX-T33 2400
90 min.Face cleansing Is clinical2200
90 min.Face cleansing Is clinical Zein Obagi2200


60 min.Modelling chiromassage, face+decollete 700
60 min.Facial Care Fire and Ice (IS CLINICAL,USA)1750
60 min.Signature peeling (Image, USA)  1600


30 min.Azelaic peeling, (Simildiet, Spain) 850
30 min.Azelaic peeling, (back) (Simildiet, Spain) 1000
30 min.Almond peeling, (Simildiet, Spain) 850
30 min.Salicylic almond peeling (face) (Simildiet, Spain) 850
30 min.Salicylic almond peeling Sama (back) (Simildiet, Spain) 1100
30 min.Chemical peeling as a part of the procedure - azelaic/almond/ferule650
30 min.SKIN RECOVERY peeling (INNO aestetic, Spain) 950
30 min.T.C.Age Mg-35 peeling (INNOaestetic, Spain)  1800
35 min.Peeling PRX-T33 (WiQo, Italy)  2100
35 min.Peeling PRX - T33+ dermoscope (face)  3000
45 min.Bleaching peeling, (INNO/Simildiet, Spain)  1800
45 min.Intimate Peeling (Meline, Spain)  1300

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