Crack and corn treatment

Crack and corn treatment

The appearance of peeling and cracks on the foot is often due to excessive dryness of the skin. When the pathology develops, they can bleed, causing unbearable pain. In addition, through the wounds on the feet, various infections can easily enter the body.

Therapeutic pedicure in the presence of cracks is aimed at gentle treatment of injured areas and the application of wound-healing ointments. Also, a specialist will advise you on further care of your feet.


Another frequent problem is corn. This accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin, caused most often by wearing uncomfortable shoes. Get rid of corn quickly and painlessly will help medical pedicure machines with special attachments, which will remove the keratinized layer of skin and return your feet smoothness and attractive appearance.



Crack and corn treatment

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Crack and corn treatment

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Crack and corn treatment

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Crack and corn treatment

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Cost, UAH


15 min.Treatment before wart removal  200
15 min.Nail treatment  300
60 min.Nail treatment one area (5 fingers)  700
15 min.Inflammatory process treatment  250
40 min.Removal of ingrown nail, difficulty 1-2  500-600
60 min.Placement of the staple  1500
60 min.Titanium suture placement  1500
60 min.Nail plate replacement, partial  400
15 min.Heel cracks, treatment, 1 pc.  200
60 min.Heel cracks, treatment + cure, 1 pc.  500
15 min.Calf corns, keratosis, treatment - 1 pc  300-400
15 min.Root/core corns, as a part of treatment  200
30 min.Root/core/subcutaneous corns, 1 pc.  300-400
30 min.Wart treatment  350
15 min.Tamponade/patch 150
15 min.Tamponade NaGel  300
15 min.Taping  200-350
15 min.Prophylactic insoles  150
30 min.Onychogryphosis (claw removal)  650
15 min.Foot applicator (2 feet)  300
15 min.Bandage  150


45 min.Pedicure medical hardware, partial  600
90 min.Medical instrumented pedicure  800
120 min.Medical instrumented pedicure, complex  900


15 min.Podologist consultation as a part of the procedure  300
30 min.Podologist consultation  200
5 min.Supervision/correction  200
Anesthesia (Ultracaine, Artifrine, Lidocaine)  150

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