Facial peels

Facial peels


To take good care of your skin, sometimes all you need to do is to keep it healthy and moisturized, as well as refrain from using cosmetics or skincare products that aren't appropriate for your skin type. Combating aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, post-acne or lifestyle-related skin changes usually requires more than just good care. It is in these cases that peels come to the rescue.

Facial peeling at Excellence Clinics is a cleansing procedure for removing dead skin cells, which promotes regeneration and is an excellent tool for prevention from skin aging. After peeling, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic, visibly smoothed and rejuvenated.

A noticeable improvement in appearance comes after the first session and includes:

- reducing wrinkles.

- clearing of pores.

- Elimination of acne and post-acne.

- smoothed and softened skin.

The indications for facial peeling are:

- Age-related skin changes.

- Hyperpigmentation.

- Acne disease and its consequences.

- Cosmetic defects.

- Preparation of the skin for other cosmetic procedures.

The contraindications include:

- Cancer diseases.

- Pregnancy and lactation period.

- Infectious diseases.

- Inflammatory processes on the skin.

- Allergies to the components of the peeling.

There are several types of peels according to the depth of exposure:

Superficial peeling, in which mild acids or enzymes are used for mild exfoliation. It acts only on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). It is used to remove fine lines or pimples, or even to improve the skin tone and moisturize the skin.

Midline peels, which use trichloroacetic or glycolic acids, remove dead skin cells from the epidermis and upper dermis. They are used to reduce wrinkles, remove acne, post-acne, and pigmentation.

Deep peels penetrate completely into the middle layer of the skin, removing damaged cells. These peels often use phenol or trichloroacetic acid.

By the period of application:

All-season peels are performed throughout the year, including summer.

Autumn and winter peels are only recommended when there is no increased sun activity.

Peels can be chemical or enzymatic, according to the substances used. Both types are effective and take their rightful place among the methods of skin renewal and rejuvenation.

Enzyme peels for face Kiev are considered one of the most versatile. Gentle but effective, enzyme peels can be used even for sensitive skin. The dermatologists of MCC Excellence recommend this procedure for removal of dead cells, cleansing the skin from impurities, sweat and sebum secretions and for combating signs of aging and rashes.

The number of procedures, the duration of the session and their frequency depend on the goals set and the condition of the skin. On average, the course of enzymatic peeling is 5-7 treatments at intervals of 7 to 14 days.

Chemical peeling for face Kiev provides a deeper impact on the skin, and the stronger the chemicals used for peeling, the more visible the pronounced results will be. On average, the course of the chemical peel procedure consists of 7-10 sessions at intervals of 7-14 days. The concentration of acids and their type is chosen by the cosmetologist individually for each patient. For example, a peeling for sensitive skin is supposed to be as gentle as possible, with a mild exfoliating effect.

The most popular peels among the patients of Excellence clinics are PRX-t33, Signature (Image), carbon peel (V Carbon System). Other well-known peels include azelaic peeling, mandelic peeling, salicylic peeling, milk peeling, and ferrule peeling. They prepare the skin for median peels and median whitening peels, lightening peels (Lightening Inno, TCA INNO and TOSKANI).

The results of the course of facial peeling procedures include:

- Firm and smooth skin.

- Smoothed wrinkles.

- Acceleration of the skin regeneration process.

- Reducing acne and black spots, tightening pores.

- Pigment spots and redness disappear, resulting in well-groomed and radiant skin.

- A healthy complexion is restored.

The session is conducted in several stages:

  1. Before the procedure, the beauticians of MCC Excellence recommend that you try the sensitivity test for the preparation used. The peeling agent is applied to the inside of the wrist and the reaction is evaluated in 10 minutes.

The skin is cleansed of makeup and impurities.

  1. applying the medication to the skin.
  2. Removal of the product (in 10-30 minutes, depending on the composition of the product and the purpose of the peeling). 5.
  3. Neutralization of active ingredients.
  4. The final stage - the application of a restoring mask or soothing cream.

During the procedure there can be slight tingling and burning sensation, which disappears within 30 minutes after washing the composition. After any peeling, the skin becomes temporarily more sensitive to the sun. Be sure to follow the dermatologist's recommendations for skin care after the procedure.


Facial peels

Medical license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Facial peels

Experienced doctors and specialists

Facial peels

Certified products

Facial peels

Professional equipment

Facial peeling in Kiev in Excellence is performed by the experienced dermatologist-cosmetologists using professional certified products and individually designed programs for each patient. Let the care for your skin’s beauty be entrusted to our qualified specialists!



Cost, UAH


60 minMechanical facial cleaning 600
60 min.Mechanical men's face cleaning 700
90 minMechanical back cleanse 800
60 min.Combined face cleansing 700
90 min.Combined face cleansing difficult1400
60 min.Combined men's facial cleanse 770
90 min.Combined Scrubbing Back Cleanse 800
90 min.Combined face cleansing + decollete 850
60 min.Cleanse + Peeling PRX-T33 2400
90 min.Face cleansing Is clinical2200
90 min.Face cleansing Is clinical Zein Obagi2200


60 min.Modelling chiromassage, face+decollete 700
60 min.Facial Care Fire and Ice (IS CLINICAL,USA)1750
60 min.Signature peeling (Image, USA)  1600


30 min.Azelaic peeling, (Simildiet, Spain) 850
30 min.Azelaic peeling, (back) (Simildiet, Spain) 1000
30 min.Almond peeling, (Simildiet, Spain) 850
30 min.Salicylic almond peeling (face) (Simildiet, Spain) 850
30 min.Salicylic almond peeling Sama (back) (Simildiet, Spain) 1100
30 min.Chemical peeling as a part of the procedure - azelaic/almond/ferule650
30 min.SKIN RECOVERY peeling (INNO aestetic, Spain) 950
30 min.T.C.Age Mg-35 peeling (INNOaestetic, Spain)  1800
35 min.Peeling PRX-T33 (WiQo, Italy)  2100
35 min.Peeling PRX - T33+ dermoscope (face)  3000
45 min.Bleaching peeling, (INNO/Simildiet, Spain)  1800
45 min.Intimate Peeling (Meline, Spain)  1300

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