Laser removal of pigmentation

Лазерное удаление пигментации


The cause of pigmentation is the accumulation of melanin cells. In most cases, these formations do not cause much physical discomfort, but they can cause a person to have complexes and psychological problems. Moreover, moles and age spots can over time develop into melanoma (a malignant tumor). The dermatologists at Excellence Beauty Clinic perform laser removal of freckles and age spots using the latest technology and equipment.

The causes of pigmentation are:
- Hormonal disorders;
- Sunburns;
- Lack of certain vitamins;
- Poisoning of the body;
- Kidney failure;
- Infectious diseases of the skin;
- Gastrointestinal diseases;
- Disorders of the genitourinary system and liver;
- Heredity;
- Taking certain medications.
Removal of age spots by laser in Kiev is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The source of radiation is a powerful SmartXide DOT from the world-famous manufacturer DEKA Lazer.
Melanin is a chromophore that absorbs light and is destroyed by the laser beam. The cells with normal melanin content are not affected.
The dermatologists at the Excellence Medical and Cosmetic Clinic use this method to remove
- Moles;
- Age spots;
- Freckles;
- Spots after pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes;
- Lentigo.



Laser removal of pigmentation

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Laser removal of pigmentation

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Laser removal of pigmentation

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Laser removal of pigmentation

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Throughout the recovery period, it is important to thoroughly follow the recommendations of the doctor who performed the procedure.

The contraindications
Excellence Clinic dermatologists do not prescribe this procedure in the following cases:
— Pregnancy;
— Breast-feeding period;
— Inflammatory processes;
— Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
— Oncologic diseases;
— Fresh tanning.

This procedure is highly effective and painless. The specialists of Excellence Medical and cosmetology center have a lot of experience in removing freckles and age spots in Kiev, which is done with the help of modern technology, and in particular with the DEKA Lazer device.



Cost, UAH


60 min.Laser fractional resurfacing of the perineum 2650
10 min.Laser removal of neoplasms of the 1st category 650
30 min.Laser removal of neoplasms of the 2nd category. 1250
30 min.Laser removal of neoplasms of the 3rd category or more. 2100


20 min.Fractional laser resection of a new lesion (3 - 5 mm) 650
20 min.Fractional laser resection of a new lesion (5 - 7 mm) 1100
20 min.Fractional laser resection of a new lesion (7-10 mm) 1650
40 min.Fractional laser resection of a new lesion (3 - 5) 1250
40 min.Fractional laser resection of a neoplasm (5 - 10 units)  1650
60 min.Fractional laser removal of a neoplasm (more than 10 pieces)  2150
15 min.Fractional laser removal of neoplasms on the eyelids 650
30 min.Fractional laser removal of a new lesion on the face  1000


20 min.Fractional laser removal of striae (area up to 10 * 10 cm) 1000
30 min.Fractional laser hair removal (up to 10 * 10 cm) 1700
20 min.Fractional laser scar removal of the 1st category 750
30 min.Fractional laser scar removal of the 2nd category. 1400
30 min.Fractional laser removal of pigmentation area up to 3 sq. cm  700
30 min.Fractional laser pigmentation removal area from 3 sq. cm to 5 sq. cm. 1000
30 min.Fractional laser removal pigmentation area of more than 5 sq. cm. 1700


60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of upper or lower eyelids  1200
60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes  2000
60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of the forehead. 1550
60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of cheek peeling  2000
60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of the neck  2700
60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of the face  3700
60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of cleavage 2700
60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of the face and neck / neck and cleavage 5000
60 min.Fractional laser rejuvenation of the hands  2000

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